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Thursday, September 5, 2019 1:37:47 AM

If I could tennis tv subscription rates this app 10 stars, I would! It absolutely does everything it promises, flawlessly with a very user-friendly interface.

Tennis Channel to sell subscription package directly to consumers

For example, fast forwarding through one changeover can result in more than a minute of spooling time, followed by mere seconds of low-resolution match video, followed by more spooling and another brief bout of match video - and on and on.

At this rate, I will not be renewing my subscription. Cant see scores on iphone Nov 25, by Princess Grace Been a member for years and live this app. However the recent version in iphone has some problems. Under highlights, the tool bar to fast forward is constantly on and blocking the scores so have mo idea what the score is.

Kinda annoying, the tool bar used to disappear after a lit while but now it is on forever for the mins highlights.

  • The withdrawal of world No.
  • A few years ago, however, that would have been a very odd statement to make. Meanwhile, the US Open was a blue-chip sporting event that you could only catch on Sky.
  • Did you know that Roger Federer is the highest-paid male tennis player worldwide?
  • After one month, the subscription auto-renews onto a standard monthly subscription plan unless cancelled. Please see information below which details the pass.

This just happens in iphone and not ipad. Crashes, crashes, then crashes again. Oct 29, by Guuugaaaa Content is great, when it works.

Video freezes constantly, needs to reload, crashes, every 30 seconds or so. You can barely even watch a full point without it stopping. Happens both on my phone and Roku. So, I guess the content is good, the experience is miserable at best. Makes me want to not even watch the matches.

A great service, though highly unreliable Nov 10, by Yaboysam The quality is great and I love being able to watch matches without commentary or ads.

Ive had the service for 15 months and the past 3 months this has happened in the finals. I will definitely end my subscription at the end of the year. Can you please looking into this?

I would prefer a simple tab bar at the bottom where i can navigate between live, schedule, highlights, etc. Please fix it : Also please add picture-in-picture mode for the iPad. That would be so awesome. Was wonderful when it worked. Zero customer service. It worked for one week and now it has given me nothing but problems and no one has responded to my customer service inquiries.

Very, very disappointed but it struck me as somewhat consistent with the mess the ATP is in these days. Save your money!!!! Aug 18, by tennis ws I am totally frustrated at my first day of subscription In my iTunes account, it shows receipt of my purchase.

I contacted customer support. May 7, by bj Besides nonstop crashing, the older layout allowed user to choose whatever game they wanted watch on right side of screen while watching a match The lack of customer service is terrible too.

I got tired of reporting bugs. Very disappointing. This app is worth a couple dollars sometimes during the year.

Can I watch tennis on Amazon Prime?

Horrible development job, did you not even consider giving playback settings to lower quality? What a waste of money! Unable to cancel Mar 11, by sour patch chichi The makers of this app have made it virtually impossible to cancel. After I was finally able to find where I though I could cancel my subscription, I keep getting an error message.

I am still unable to cancel. Far too difficult to cancel a recurring subscription. All of the other on-demand material is severely subsampled and looks like TV from 25 years ago. This is maybe worth 2 to 5 dollars per month. I kept getting the corrupt data message so I finally gave up and tried another video, same message.

I gotta say, not worth the subscription.

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Subscription problems Mar 10, by Goojmom Will not let me subscribe even with the app - have never had any problems installing an app.

Is there tech support? Also I was wondering - is this channel doing all the atp matches and tennis channel all the wta - been watching Indian Wells on TC plus - women only - what gives?

Bugs in highlights videos Apr 25, by Coluis Same bugs in highlights videos for more than a year. Please bring this up to standard otherwise it is not worth subscribing.

Unwatchable on iPhone Mar 27, by Acesbl The screen is cut off when watching highlights by the operating bar. If by accident the video is stopped, you have to start from the start.

Poor video quality Jul 19, by Torgill Laggy video and hard for my eyes to watch.

How can I subscribe to Tennis TV?

Would be perfect if that was fixed Wont play Mar 11, by Asdffggldkendn I cant view it on my iphone but plays on the tv. When I open it on my phone it will play like 3secs then it will stop.

Is there anything I should fix on my settings so I can watch it thru phone? I did not give permission to renew for another year. I would recommend this service to anybody. Thought LIVE streaming! Sep 1, by JaneGregory So disappointed. Signed up yesterday to watch US Open tennis, but not streaming until September 16th.

The word LIVE is very misleading! Will cancel immediately so not charged again! Have to back out of the app and start all over each time. I paid for the annual subscription and want my money back.

It should be made clear that this is the case! Stopped working Mar 12, by cpsanders5 I got this app to watch the Indian Wells.

Casting doesn't work.

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