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Abstract Objective The primary aims of this retrospective study were to describe the burden of injury presenting to the tennis london 2017 online team and the changes in injury profile over 10 years — at The Championships, Wimbledon. Secondary aims included description of gender difference in rates, distribution and pathology of injuries. Design Retrospective observational cohort of player injury presentations over 10 years — at The Championships, Wimbledon.

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It's watched by millions around the world, and by up to 39, spectators each day. Choosing a day Every day at the Championships there are thousands of 'Grounds Admission' passes available, allowing incredibly close access to all 14 of the non-ticketed 'outside' courts.

The tickets for these three 'show' courts are good for the entire day, which typically means three matches. Unsurprisingly, there is no shortage of interest. It's important to note that there is no scheduled play on the middle Sunday July 9.

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Foul weather can scupper the best-laid plans, unless they involve Centre Court or Court No. Prices drop after 5pm and during the second week when fewer matches are on display.

Whenever you are inside the grounds, however, you can always choose to roll the dice for random seats on the show courts. It involves turning your back on the surrounding action and queuing at the ticket kiosk atop Henman Hill aka Murray Mound.

Once the embossed queue card is in hand, it's simply a waiting game.

How do you get tickets to Wimbledon?

You can arrive throughout the day if you're hoping to procure grounds passes, but it's advisable to get in line a few hours before the grounds open at 9.

It is possible to fit in a full day of work and still catch some evening matches if you arrive shortly after 5pm, though this depends on the weather it's less busy when cloudy and who is on court Federer, Nadal and Serena Williams clog the turnstiles. Campers are well catered for on the lawns, with numerous toilets and various options for hot food, including patrolling salespeople for takeaways they deliver right to the park gate.

It's also possible to nip into Southfields for a coffee, quick meal or to buy groceries, but check in with a steward beforehand.

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It doesn't matter that the cheery blue-blazer brigade of stewards woke them at precisely 6am, or if they had a poor night's sleep. Excitement and anticipation is everywhere. After the tents have come down and camping kit has been safely stored in the park's left luggage facility, coloured wristbands are issued for each of the show courts.

If you're in the first in The Queue your choice of court is almost guaranteed, while those further down are relying on a little luck. Cash is no longer the order of the day, with debit and credit cards now being accepted for tickets purchases.

With money spent, tickets in hand and giggles in tow, you should spill through the turnstiles and into the grounds at Matches begin on the outside courts at As 1pm approaches, take a big breath and walk into tennis' most hallowed ground.

Despite all internal oohing and ahhing as your eyes race around the historic surroundings, you'll soon locate your seat. Yes, that seat. Serve's up! Taking your chances The Championships also runs two public ballots each year, one for UK residents and the other for overseas visitors.

These distribute tickets in a lottery format, with a small fraction of applicants being offered tickets.

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Those who are successful are given no choice of what day or what court they will offered, however. Applications for the ballot forms for o will be done online for the first time, with no more postal applications; these must be filled out prior to 31 December the preceding year.

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