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Tuesday, September 10, 2019 3:37:13 AM

Amazingly suunto sports watch australia on the wrist and you can customise the face of the watch to not look like a sports watch. We also love the touch screen technology.

Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR

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With a number of brands and models on the market, it is now at the point where a new-release GPS watch needs to really stand out from the crowd to be noticed. Impressively, the Traverse casing has a m water-resistance rating.

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The subtle external styling of the Traverse does, however, hide a huge amount of impressive navigational technology — and a stand-out, long-life battery claimed to last for up to 14 days of regular use — this includes step tracking, altitude and barometric pressure updates and orientation of the inbuilt compass, or hours of full GPS tracking use.

The battery life is a huge advantage for those who are heading out on a remote hike for more than a few days, taking the worry out of needing to find a power outlet to recharge. Keep it simple The Traverse is brilliantly simple in operation.

The five buttons are multipurpose in use, allowing the user to easily cycle through to the desired mode or function. We have had the Traverse now for over a month of testing and have, to date, found it to be very reliable, accurate and easy to live with, both in terms of taking advantage of its huge navigational capabilities and also as an everyday timepiece.

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Keep an eye out for an additional review in our next issue; a long-term review of a few months is really the only way to learn if a product such as this can fulfill its design remit completely.

So far, however, the Traverse has given us no cause to doubt it is an efficient combination of timepiece and navigational aid, ideally suited to the outdoor enthusiast.

  • In any event — naming semantics aside, the Suunto 5 is simply a Suunto 9 with a smaller battery, no compass, and no barometric altimeter.
  • Home Suunto Suunto's watches have been worn by explorers and divers to some of the world's wildest places.
  • It touts a beautiful sapphire crystal display covering a fiber-reinforced polymer body with a stainless steel back. A truly premium design.
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  • This can help you with navigation, planning and weather prediction.

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