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Thursday, February 20, 2020 7:29:40 PM

However, if the Xbox One is your console of choice, the baseball video game landscape is pretty barren, with no games offering the licensed players, teams, or stadiums that MLB: The Show does. Super Mega Baseball 2, like the super mega baseball xbox live, has the look and charm of an arcade sports game. You will find cartoonish players with names like Holder Close and Ella Roids, and team names like the Sirloins, Platypi, and Wideloads. Metalhead has once again done a fantastic job of bringing solid gameplay and physics to the game.

Super Mega Baseball 2 para Xbox One

The difference in quality could be equated to fine dining versus eating uncooked hot dogs straight out of the package. That happened to be Super Mega Baseball, a polished, entertaining and surprisingly impressive arcade sports game.

A game that spit shines the things that made its predecessor so fun, while adding more and better content in the process.

Within it reside multiple teams, who are ranked based on all of the facets of baseball, including power, contact, speed, defense, starting pitching and relief pitching, but are categorized by their biggest strength.

With flexibility comes creativity, and that is found in both the names of the teams and their players, who carry some punny monikers to go along with their caricatured designs.

Many of these teams carry over from the first game, too.

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Unlike the original title, Super Mega Baseball 2 has a good amount of modes to complement its infinitely replayable gameplay. This is a modifier, for lack of a better term, which lets you scale the challenge in different ways.

The default one has been carried over from the first game, and what it does is allow you to scale the difficulty by choosing a certain point value.

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For instance, is easy, 20 and above is moderate, then challenging lays ahead. However, you can change the look of the ego system in this sequel, so that it shows how difficult each portion of the sport will be, which is nice.

Home runs are epic, celebrations are beyond that of real life MLB players, and the stadiums themselves are more creative than something like Yankee Stadium.

Each one has its own pros and cons too, such as being hitter or pitcher friendly, much like the real life stadiums do. When one steps up to the plate of one of these stadiums, he or she will find a reticule that can be different in size based on the type of player is in use.

Sometimes, this reticule will move to where the pitch is, but this seems to be dependent on difficulty. After all, hitting the ball cleanly is the goal, otherwise a foul ball may result. Power hits are once again accomplished by using the X button, while B controls bunts.

Meet the Developers of Super Mega Baseball 2!

The thing is though that a well connected bomb is the result of a charged hit. By this, I mean that you must hold the X button, then release it at the right time, in order to get a perfect power hit. If you hold the button for too long, or release it too early, your results will not be very positive, but that adds challenge.

Of course, knowing when to hit for power and when to hit for contact is a key aspect of the sport of baseball, much like it is in Super Mega Baseball 2. These guys look like miniature Hulks wearing baseball uniforms.

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Pitching is handled differently. To throw a good fastball, curveball, or what have you, one must choose a pitch type using the right joystick , then pick a spot and press A.

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What happens next is that a small circle will appear at the spot at which your chosen pitch is expected to land after its curve, slide, or whatever. If you quickly move the reticule back there and highlight it, your pitch will then be more powerful and more successful to boot.

This is handled by a numerical rating system, which briefly appears before the pitcher begins to throw.

Super Mega Baseball 2 for Xbox One Reviews

Needless to say, pitching is definitely more difficult than batting, and it can take some time to get used to. For the most part, all of this is quite fun and impressively polished.

Thanks to the latter title being in the company's Backward Compatibility program, Xbox One owners can also grab it.

As such, it straddles the line between being an all out arcade sports game and being a more realistic, simulation experience. And I will admit it, sometimes I wished it were a bit crazier.

The stadiums are well crafted and defined, the players all look really good, with their caricaturized designs, and the gameplay is easy on the eyes.

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I also quite like the team logos, and a lot of the uniforms as well. It all works, though, and fits the bill. At the end of the day, Super Mega Baseball 2 is another home run for a talented studio. Overall: 8.

Super Mega Baseball 2 Is Now Available For Xbox One

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