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Jul 13, — By Ariel Adams Why are watches today so big? That is a question we at aBlogtoWatch get asked a lot — and it is a typical source of conversation and contention among people who like watches. It is true that wrist watches today are larger than they have been historically, but perhaps not as large as they sports watch for big wrists a few years ago. What we are talking about is mostly the diameter of a watch case usually measured in millimeters and to an extent the thickness of a case. A few years later that size went up to mm, and by the mid s it was common to see watches sized from mm wide and even larger.

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I don't care how much your watch costed, what brand it is or what kind of movement it has. If it doesn't fit your wrist, it's not a good purchase. The problem is, oversized, bulky watches have been super trendy for the past few years.

So when you go to the store or shop for watches online, it's tough to find smaller options anything under 40mm, for example.

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These contemporary watches would look absolutely ridiculous 30 or 40 years ago, as men used to wear smaller watches, regardless of wrist size. My point is, trends come and go, and watch size will vary with the times.

Rather than trying to keep up with trends, you should wear watches that fit your build. They should be proportionate to your wrist. If you have small wrists, wear a small watch!

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But what is a smaller watch, anyway? Watch Size Explained There are several ways to measure the size of a watch, such as the lug to lug width, strap width and case thickness.

All of these dimensions are almost always measured in millimeters.

You want to pay close attention to the size of the case specifically, the case diameter. The three most common watch size measurements are: lug to lug, case diameter and case thickness.

  • From With some models, 40 to 42 mm could still work, depending on the bezel size or the hour marker circle size read on for more info on these.
  • Luckily, there are several watches on the market designed to compliment well-endowed arms. This high-performance sports watch is waterproof up to feet.
  • This watch is loaded with features including their Indiglo night-light activation system, which gives you hands-free lighting after a quick hit of a button.
  • Case Diameter is the most obvious and noticeable element of proportion.
  • There are loads of choices to be found online. What do you plan to use your watch for?
  • No more fat wrist shaming from the pretentious Apple Watch Shares Apple Watch large bands The Apple Watch is increasing its appeal by increasing its maximum band sizes, making the iPhone-compatible smartwatch fit for people with bigger wrists, too. That's wonderful news because, in letting everyone I meet try on my Apple Watch, it's been a snug fit at times.

When people talk about watch size, they're usually talking about case diameter. So if someone says they're looking for watches under 40mm, they mean watches with case diameters of less than 40 millimeters. Unfortunately, even that is too big for men with small wrists. Note: If you're not sure whether you have thin wrists, you should measure them.

Use tailor tape to measure around the widest point of your wrist — right over the bone.

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Anything less than 6. My wrists are just over 6. You might be able to wear 40mm watches if they have thin cases and a shorter lug-to-lug distance, but your best bet is to stick with something smaller less than 40mm in case diameter.

Types of Watches Luckily, there are plenty of small men's watches to choose from, no matter the budget. From affordable, everyday watches to luxury timepieces, guys with smaller wrists have plenty of options to choose from: You can also check out these posts for more specific recommendations:.

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