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Watch Live goals from France Ligue 1 - France highlights, Ibrahimovic goals and tricks Watch all Live goals - soccer world major highlights, goals and scorers Betting advices Check out most used advices, sports live scores soccer and strategies: Never bet whole budjet on single stake! Avoid using bets on your favorite team because emotions and feelings are not good option! If you follow your favorite soccer matches with live score service you'll save your nervs :. In other way use our live sport stream This Livescore service brings you real time odds for games. This is awesome for live bettors Livescore Live scores or livescore is live service offered by many sport or soccer websites and online bookmakers - sportsbook. Soccer Live Scores, Livescore, Results, Fixtures, H2H

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Separately adjustable for regular periods and overtime, or display of current day time. Aggregate Mode Enter goals from previous games and display them in your scoreboard.

Scoreboard 1 This classic black scoreboard layout is ready for almost all broadcast themes. Adjust the colors for your teams as you need them. The Game Clock will be extended with a small clock for additional times.

Scoreboard 2 Scoreboard 2 is a more dominant layout with centered goal dispalys and additional images in the middle area.

Live Soccer Scores, Football Live Scores, Football Results

Game Time and additional time will be displayed in the area above the main layout. Images have a basic size of 45 x Scoreboard 3 This new scoreboard provides you a modern and flat layout for your streams.

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It has the perfect integration of the new Aggregate Mode below the main layout. All colors can be changed with the Color Manager. Colored parts on both sides can be individually adjusted to match the team colors. Scoreboard 4 A brand new scoreboard with flat designs, perfect for center-aligned score bugs or even in the corner.

Each team comes with a colorable side bar. Aggregation Mode is placed beneath the scoreboard. The Additional Time display comes with a large font size on the right side of the layout.

Custom Scoreboards You can create your own custom scoreboard layouts and load it into your Live Score software.

Live Score, Soccer Live Scores, Football Results

If you're using the Standard Edition of Live Score you can load the layout, but it will show that you're using a demo version when going live. Customers with a Professional Edition can use custom scoreboards without limitations. Please use the Scoreboard Layout Guidelines for further information about available controls, styles and elements.

The iPad version contains a scoreboard in the top left corner where you can see all of your data. The iPhone version uses a Panorama View that can either be swiped or changed with the tab control on top of the screen.

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Each view of the panorama covers a specific topic, so you have everything on your screen when you're controlling specific parts of your scoreboard. Built-In Controls The built-in sport controls are the perfect companion if you don't have an iOS device, or if just want to have a secure control layout, that is not bound to a local network.

This type of control triggers all actions directly within your application and makes sure that no wireless interference prevent you from using your scoreboard. It's less work for a better experience!

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  • It follows anything new and newsworthy related to football.
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  • Add to Wishlist Install LiveScore keeps you up-to-date with the latest scores and live sports action. From goals to cards, wickets to overs and fixtures to final results, LiveScore has everything you need, all in one place.
  • Live score LiveScore.

Web Widgets Web Widgets can be embedded on any of your websites. If you enable the FTP feature of Live Score, your Web Widgets will be automatically updated when you use your remote controls to update your scoreboard.

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