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#13 Field Hockey Pulls Away from RPI in Opener,

Nebraska Kansas In other words, teams will receive the true value of their opponents' opponents winning percentage. This is because each of the states listed above are neighboring states to Colorado, and each of these states are also MaxPreps partners.

This ensures accurate reporting of data.

All other out-of state opponents will be handled in the following manner: Their direct winning percentage for example,. Were this not the case, schools would be chasing tens of thousands of opponents of out-of-state opponents over the course of a season, and there is no way to ensure the accuracy of that data.

Men's Ice Hockey Schedule

Note that it is the responsibility of the Colorado school to ensure that the data from their out-of-state opponent is correctly listed on MaxPreps. How will international opponents be handled? Due to the difficulty involved with obtaining accurate data on a consistent and timely basis from schools outside the U.

Are games against non-varsity teams counted toward the RPI calculation? No, they are not. Are games against non-member teams counted toward the RPI calculation? And how are non-member schools defined?

Three Field Hockey Teams Ranked Among NCAA RPI Top

Non-member schools are schools that are not a member of an NFHS state association. No, they do not. Note that you should not be putting these games on your official MaxPreps schedule. Instead, put them on your Team Calendar in MaxPreps. More information is available on this page.

How will cross-classification games be handled?

FAQs about CHSAA's RPI postseason qualification system

There are two answers to this question. One pertains to football, and the other pertains to the rest of the sports. Football will use a modifier to handle these cross-classification games.

Other sports will not. The reason for the difference is football plays a game regular season, which is far-and-away the fewest of any sport.

Clarkson University Athletics Men's Hockey History vs Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

By comparison, for example, baseball plays a game regular season, and basketball plays Thus, there is less data to work with in football to ensure the accuracy of the result. Using a modifier helps to increase the accuracy. The modifier for football will be a 15 percent difference.

This number was arrived at when comparing the average RPI of football teams in different classifications over the past couple of years.

Engineers get even with rout on home ice

On average, there was a 15 percent difference from a 5A team to a 4A team, from a 4A team to a 3A team, and so on. As was the case with the Wild Card point system which the RPI will replace in football, there will be a one-time exception for a team playing down.

New Hampshire Wildcats

That is to say, when a 3A team plays a 2A opponent for the first time on their schedule, that 2A opponent will count as a 3A team. Subsequent games against teams from lower classifications will count as their true classification.

RPI TV Releases Fall, Winter Sports Schedule, Announces Free, Live Streaming of All Games

Unlike the Wild Card point system, however, this modifier only comes into play when a team wins. Under the modified RPI system which will be used in football, each game is assigned a value based on that team's classification.

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Again, there is a 15 percent difference between them. Those rounded values are: Class.

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