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Blackhawks left wanting more The Blackhawks rink hockey live streaming easily the better team at even strength against one of the deepest teams in the NHL. The Blackhawks put up 44 shots on goal against a Capitals team that allowed the second-fewest shots per game They deserved a better fate.

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How to watch, listen, live stream Lightning at Senators

The size and scope of the Games were good news, but the companies producing the World Roller Games needed an efficient, reliable way to broadcast from multiple remote locations across five cities. The organisers were also aware of the diversity of the 14 sports venues in which the competitions would be held, and wanted to be able to handle all of them in an innovative way.

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Transmission Hardware The producers of the event also investigated remote transmission and production, choosing to deploy 14 TVU One transmitters, some of which were connected to OB vans at venues and the rest of which were mobile.

TVU Timelock synchronised the TVU One at a set latency to make remote production possible where no high-speed network connections were available.

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The TVU Servers, which are hardware decoders, were integrated with their workflow to centralise the viewing, control and distribution of the live video. Through the servers, operators can GPS track TVU transmitters, retrieve recorded video from the transmitters, pre-set transmission modes, edit video and add external IP video sources.

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In the case of the Roller Games the producers used an optional function allowing them to take a live TVU transmission and output it to a third-party website or CDN. The live video was encoded into an IP format and sent to six different remote locations.

It can send metadata and control from the studio to the field via VLAN Tunnel, which allows Ethernet access networks service providers to extend a Layer 2 Ethernet connection between two customer sites. The RPS proved to be a lower cost alternative for their live multi-camera coverage, avoiding the need to set up a control room at each location, and meant the producers only needed to send cameras and operators out to the competition venues.

Contributions then consisted of synchronised camera feeds via IP over the regular internet back to La Xarxa Operations for switching, graphics insertion and other production elements. The connectivity and transmission made operations easier and more efficient than in previous years.

For example, the speed marathon final, which ran over a 42,m course, was broadcast from the streets of Barcelona from a motorbike.

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TVU One transmitted high-quality, low-latency HD video while on the move over a significant portion of the course, through the entire race. Ahead of the final, the beachside location of the speed road competition track also made it difficult to maintain a strong connection.

Regardless, transmission from the site was smooth with minimal sub-second delay.

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