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Tuesday, November 12, 2019 10:39:58 PM

Block bookings To book our facilities please online booking sport centre online or contact the Sports Park onSt Luke's Sports Centre on or email exetersport exeter. When making a booking, please indicate who the booking is for. Personal details are captured in order to identify ownership of bookings and to enable us to contact you in the event if a booking being cancelled.

Online bookings

First time registration To use the system for the first time you will require to register an email address to obtain your secure access to our online booking system.

GovHK: Leisure Link System for Facilities Booking and Programmes Enrolment

In order to do this, you will need to: Contact reception either in person or by phone to register your email address with us. Once your email address is registered on our system click here to return to the login screen to continue with the registration process.

OnLine Booking & Leisure Management System

You will then receive a confirmation email from us with the last few steps you need to take to ensure your account is secure. You will only be required to carry out these steps once. This will only work if you have registered a valid email address registered with Inverness Leisure.

The window to the left will appear: Now enter your email address and enter in the security characters displayed into the box below then click request password. This will send an email to your account and will allow you to reset your password from there.

Bookings (The University of Manchester)

These characters will lock the account which will prevent access to the online booking facility. If you do not have a valid email address registered please contact to register for advance booking.

To do this reception will require to take you through several security questions regarding your account before they can amend or talk about any details of your account.

Booking Screen Explained Once you have your login details you will then be able to use our 7-day advance booking system. When you log into the system you will see a screen similar to the image to the left. When you choose the class you wish to attend you will need to follow the on screen instructions to complete the booking process.

Booking Information: Making a booking: You can book classes for 7 days in advance, up to 15 minutes before the relevant class is due to start.

After this time, you can still book in person at reception.

Epping Sports Centre

Booking Held Period: Your booking will be held for a maximum period of 5 minutes, if not confirmed it will terminate and delete your reservation from the system. So please be sure to confirm your booking to ensure you do not lose your booked place in your chosen class.

Collection Of Tickets If you book into an activity and wish to collect your ticket from Reception, then you will be required to present your membership card. Failure to present your membership card will result in Reception being unable to print off your ticket.

Brackenbury Sports Centre

Cancelling: You may cancel a class up 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. We would urge you to do this if you know you are no longer able to attend as this will then give other members the chance to attend in your place.

Please ensure you update your address and contact details along with your data protection settings.

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