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Production[ edit ] While baseball cards were first produced in the United States, as the online baseball card price guide of baseball spread to other countries, so did the production of baseball cards. Sets appeared in Japan as early as[5] in Cuba as early as [6] and in Canada as early as Many early trade cards displayed advertisements for a particular brand or company on the back.

Baseball Card Values & Our Set Price Guide

That can be a tough question to answer. How do you help someone not connected to the hobby understand all the variables? It depends on what products they are and what players are pictured. What do you mean by anything?

Sports Cards can only go up in value, right?

Big difference. In this post I want to spend a few minutes discussing what gives our cards value. If you really want to understand how much your cards are worth, you have to look beyond the monetary value to ask yourself another question.

A Beginner's Guide to Sports Card Collecting

Why do you collect? Show Me the Money!

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Most of the time when people ask this question, they want to know how much money they could get by selling their cards. From a monetary perspective, at the end of the day our cards are only worth what someone else is willing to pay for them.

There are several factors which drive monetary value, but in our hobby I think we can boil it down to four things that play the biggest role. Player Popularity - The bigger the star, the more popular they are, the more value they have. Product Popularity - Some products are more popular with collectors than others which drives demand.

Scarcity - the more rare it is, the higher value it is likely to have.

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Vintage sets are popular, are full of the games legends, and have relative scarcity compared to modern cards. Vintage cards in great condition are even more scarce which leads to higher values.

In my opinion modern cards fall somewhere in the middle. The modern product type with the most current value is autographed cards.

The popularity of the player and scarcity of their autographed cards determine where they fall in that range. For most collectors, checking completed eBay sales provide the most real time reflection of the monetary value of your cards.

Sports Trading Card Price Guides & Publications for sale

I use COMC. For some, monetary value is their primary concern and the main reason they have an interest in sportscards. But not everyone is concerned with turning cards into cash. Yes, yes there is. Some of these things may resonate with you, some may not, but they are all aspects of collecting sports cards which bring value outside of dollars and cents.

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The Memories This was my grandfathers footlocker when he was in the service and it stored my collection when I was growing up! Some of my favorite childhood memories are connected to baseball and football cards. Baseball cards were the thing that solidified friendships, and in some situations created my first opportunities to learn negotiation and conflict resolution skills.

For others, it brings fond memories of spending time with their fathers or grandfathers.

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Reliving memories each time I look at the binders of cards from my youth brings me more value than I would ever get from selling them. For me, baseball cards document a piece of our history just like a political document, war artifact, or book manuscript would for others.

Essentially, they are photographic evidence of the players of the day. The card backs document their results, and recount interesting facts about their lives and careers. Each owner has their own story about how the card came into their possession, and each card means something different to them.

Baseball Card Price Guide

Hopefully, my story and what they mean to me will be passed along with them. For over 70 years, the history of the game has been continuously documented each year through baseball cards.

Hopefully that tradition will continue for years to come.

  • Online Baseball Card Price Guide baseball card a trading card with a picture of a baseball player and information about his playing record The first card was issued in
  • Call us and one of our specialists will give your cards a free appraisal. No surprise here.
  • In the s, the tobacco was replaced by gum and the cards became more of the focus, as companies such as Goudey and Play Ball produced cards.
  • Hopefully, this free site will help you determine the retail value of your card s. We have created price guides for all of the major issues.

Enjoyment Cards also bring me enjoyment as a hobby. I have fun opening packs. Sorting, organizing, and displaying my little pieces of history is relaxing.

Talking with my friends about how to buy and sell cards as a means to scratch my entrepreneurial itch is something I look forward to every week!

Baseball Card Appraisal

I love having a hobby that pays for itself and essentially allows me to build a growing collection for free. So where does that leave us?

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Were you able to determine if your cards worth anything? Nobody is likely to pay you anything for that sentimental value, but maybe its enough to make it worth holding on to those childhood treasures a bit longer.

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