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Wednesday, September 11, 2019 11:02:07 AM

Baseball fans from around the region got autographs and face time with Bobby Doerr at Guaranty Discount Chevrolet. Doerr's 95th birthday is Sunday. Doerr's career included 14 years with the Boston Red Sox from to He1 played in nine All-Star games and had 12 old living baseball hall of fame seasons with 10 or more home runs. He has lived in Junction City since the s, and since his ball playing days, has always driven a Chevrolet.

List of oldest living major league players from each team

They were all one-team guys.

Baseball Bobby Doerr's playing career started early and finished at a surprisingly young age, but the Red Sox legend reached a longevity milestone Thursday.

All of these four men are a handful of the nicest people ever documented by the legion of baseball writers who still cover their tracks. As a primarily left fielder, this current Houston resident of several years played all but one of his eight big league seasons with the New York Giants before a last season with the Chicago Cubs topped things off In fact, he came very close to playing the role that Jackie Robinson then so ably filled in breaking the color line with the Brooklyn Dodgers in In , he batted.

MLB Teams With the Most Hall of Famers

He also batted. I was totally smitten by his generous sharing of great baseball stories, but I was mindful also to do the best job of driving possible as we talked and navigated the freeways of Houston.

Cooperstown, NY Baseball Hall of Fame

After all, I was transporting a national treasure. As a result, one of the greatest, nicest infielders of all time, and a tenacious guy who would still beat the hell out of you, if you were on the other side, got shuttled away during his 12th season as a Cardinal for a brief stay with the New York Giants in before being traded away again to the Milwaukee Braves in and a four-year run with a serious contender and champion.

Red then returned to the Cardinals for limited service over three seasons to complete his season total MLB career. He also did well in a couple of terms as Cardinals manager and he remains active in his support of the Cards and the City of St.

  • Schoendienst, the Hall of Fame second baseman who managed the Cardinals to two pennants and a World Series championship in the s, died Wednesday, June 6,
  • Smith and Baines were both elected in December by a separate committee.
  • The museum will keep you engaged with interactive exhibits and multimedia presentations. There are , baseball cards, photographs, newspaper clippings, and photos of stadiums from the golden days.
  • After spending a few days in Cooperstown, N. Johnson, an accomplished photographer , said he would soon embark on his fourth photo safari in Africa.
  • It's a pretty proud moment.
  • An estimated 27, fans were on hand, a crowd a bit lighter than seen in most recent years. As a result it was a weekend full of opportunities for visitors to load up on autographs, photographs, memorabilia, and of course, memories of the historic occasion.

Louisan that Cardinals misjudged as a potential MLB talent. Wagner greeted Berra with much approval for his choice of dress. As Jim Stokes points out in his comment on this column, he and I were both wrong about Yogi Berra being a Yankee one-team career lifer, even though I do think we both did know somewhere in the murky files of memory that Yogi spoiled that pedigree for all time when, as manager of the New York Mets, he went 2 for 9 in 4 games as a hitter for his club and spoiled the purity of his previously secured all-Yankee career.

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