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Blowouts are a constant threat, which have a chance of landing quarterbacks on the bench for large chunks of the game. Even so, Lamar Jackson, Tom Brady and Dak Prescott have met or exceeded lofty expectations through three weeks, giving Rivers a good nfl commercial about fantasy football gym and new watch to do the same. Longer-term, the pending return to action of running back Melvin Gordon adds another element of danger to the Chargers offense, which also gets Denver and Pittsburgh at home in the next two weeks. Rivers could start to heat up. Daniel Jones, NYG, vs.

Nov 13, Photo illustration by Eric Gillin, art from iStockPhoto You'll often hear sports fans of a bygone era reminisce about a time before the Internet; a time where a year-old kid would wake up early on a Sunday morning, steal the sports section from his dad, and devour box scores and statistics from out-of-town games.

Later that same night, young sports fans would sneak transistor radios under their pillows, adjusting their antennae, sitting in juuust the perfect position to get a clear enough radio signal to hear Marty Glickman call Giants games on WNEW.

If there's any nostalgia for those days, it's because back then, America's football fans had better free access to games than they do now. At least, on Thursday nights. Yes, the NFL Network's annual Thursday night package of games has begun, and if you're like 62 percent of Americans who own televisions, you're not likely seeing any of it.

Like, for example, this week's Thursday evening Jets-Patriots clash, which is loaded with intrigue and playoff implications. Tied with New England atop the AFC East with matching records, New York will look to avenge an early season loss to the rival Pats and grab sole possession of first place in the division.

Favre and Moss. Belichick and Mangini. New York and Boston. This is a big one. And yet, roughly 43 out of the When the NFL launched the NFL Network several years ago, it was supposed to be the go-to place for expert football analysis and hour pigskin coverage.

Berg: Directing NFL th season commercial was 'emotional'

And in truth, it's been just that. But due to clashes with several of the nation's largest cable providers, still few too many households have access to the NFL Network, making games like Thursday night's -- ones that really matter -- similar to the old Glickman-called Giants games of yesteryear: followed by many, viewed by few.

Take New York City, for example. Fairly big media market, right? Time Warner and Cablevision, the main cable providers in the five boroughs and Long Island, do not carry the station. Thursday night's NFL Network broadcast will be aired locally, but the seven other Thursday night games that don't involve the Jets or Giants will not.

It's not just a New York thing -- it's a nationwide issue. Though somewhere over cable operators do carry the NFL Network, Time Warner, Cablevision and Charter -- three of the country's largest cable providers -- currently do not.

Comcast, another major provider, only carries the network on a "digital sports tier". A solution seems a long way off. As these issues get sorted out in court, the other three cable operators -- Time Warner, Cablevision and Charter -- are in a holding pattern, waiting to see what kind of deal gets hammered out.

But there's no real momentum to make a change anytime soon. But if change is going to come, it doesn't look like it's coming from the fans -- there's another letter surrounding the NFL Network generating a bit more buzz these days.

Last month, thirteen U. In short, a team's local market is supposed to get "free" broadcasts of NFL Network games when that market's home team is playing.

However, the NFL's been rather tight on those zoning limits. Residents in Hartford, Connecticut, for example, are not currently considered within the Patriots' home market zone. Antitrust laws? No football fan wants to worry about any of that. Hell, no American wants the government worrying about any of that.

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Notice he didn't cite the unavailability of Thursday NFL games on cable. It's hard to see how NFL games makes the congressional agenda given the challenges we face as a country. Well, yes. Your friendly neighborhood bartender.

Fans who can't find the Thursday night clashes on their own television sets are heading to their local bars to view the games. Food sales experience their highest weekday numbers when one of these NFL Network games are played. You just may need a bowl of beer nuts in your hand -- or a transistor radio under your pillow -- to enjoy it.

How Long Is Halftime In Nfl

Transcribed word-for-word, it read: "Why do I do this to myself? Why do I put myself through this? Sometimes I wonder, man. Was it a battle with an ugly habit that I wasn't aware of? An ex-girlfriend rearing her ugly head? I was alarmed. So I called him up immediately, as any good friend would.

I'd known Matt my whole life. We played Little League together; gone to prom in the same limo. Surely, I could help him out during this dark and lonely time. I took a deep breath and dialed his number. He answered after one ring. Are you okay? Are you alright? Oh, this is kinda awkward now -- I figured you were watching the game.

Peyton Manning Talks Playing Fantasy Football with Son

I have Plaxico Burress in fantasy football and I need him to get 20 more yards to win this week. He hasn't had a catch since the first quarter.

For an activity that has captured the imagination of tens of millions of Americans, we sure do a shitty job keeping track of records in fantasy football.

After what felt like a twenty-minute silence, I then asked him, if in hindsight, he felt foolish sending such a dubious text message with absolutely no context surrounding it. I'm pretty upset over here.

Dude, Plax was my third round pick. Though it seems as though they're often ready to come to blows on-air, it turns out they're actually friends off-camera.

Well, sorta. Have you ever flat-out missed on a prospect? Is there a college player you were certain would be fantastic in the pros and has just been an absolute bust? Oh, I've missed on a bunch of guys.

Peter Warrick and Charles Rogers still bug me the most.

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