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Life[ edit ] Raj Kundra's father was a Punjabi who migrated from Ludhiana and became a bus conductor in London net raja net sport live running a small business. His mother worked as a shop assistant. He was also at that time involved in the financing and production of Bollywood films. Other ventures included Gold Gate Trading, which described itself as a trade and investment firm based in Dubai.

The Richest Gamblers in the World and Their Net Worth

  • The Nets found themselves in the thick of the controversy as they arrived in China to play two pre-season games against the Lakers days after the tweet. Tensions between Beijing and the American basketball league erupted this month after Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey tweeted an image in support of the demonstrations that have rocked the financial hub for months.
  • In the crowd were year-old Omar Raja and his middle-aged boss, Doug Bernstein. Raja is the creator of the insanely popular sports-centric Instagram account House of Highlights , and Bernstein hired him a little over a year ago, right out of college, to join the staff of the Turner-owned cult sports site Bleacher Report.
  • Bleacher Report, a member of what might be considered its newish guard, came calling about an acquisition in ; it was finalized the following year for an undisclosed price.
  • Published: 7 July Updated: 11 March Ready to find out who are the richest gamblers? In our article, we will talk about the 7 gamblers with the highest net worth and how they got there.
  • Now, as the channel closes on 12 million followers he discusses his plans to continue its growth. Posted: February 5 By: Eoin Connolly There are times in the sports business when the picture changes just enough that someone new sees something the old guard have missed.

About our Match Predictions Welcome to our cricket betting tips page! Here we will post our latest match predictions and analysis on the upcoming cricket matches that are being played around the globe.

Our tips are exclusively written by professional cricket writers. We try to get tips out 48 hours before the match is live, sometimes in hectic leagues that is not possible because we have to take into account the last games played by both teams before predicting anything.

All tips should be live at 24 hours before the match. We will try to put out our predictions as quickly as possible and try to cover as many games as we can.

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And anyone who offers them to you is probably lying, or even worse, is part of criminal activity dragging the entire sport down.

This is not something we condone in any way.

Omar Raja on building the House of Highlights: ‘Just worry about the content’

And please help us keep cricket clean of such horribleness. Where are Your Toss Predictions? There is no way to predict who is going to win the toss. Anyone who claims otherwise is lying to you. But you can predict that the team that wins the toss gains a slight advantage.

We have written an article about the coin toss in cricket. Sometimes our experts get it wrong. If they did they would be billionaires. We use the information that is available to the fullest extent, but we still recommend that you don't bet too much on a single match.

But the short term variance could be very large. What are the Difference Between Rates and Odds?

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These terms mean the same thing, its just a matter of preference which you use. If you want to learn more about these terms look at our how to bet on cricket section. Do you offer a premium service?

At the moment we don't offer any paid services.

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You get all our amazing tips for free! But we are looking into expanding a premium service to our most devote customers. Please do let us know what you are looking for in a premium service, we are happy to hear any feedback you guys might have.

Who Writes the Betting Tips? We have hired a couple of amazing cricket writers. Both of them live and breathe cricket and have written tips for a very long time. If you want to know more about them check out our about page. We truly regret that, we try to do our best with the information available at the moment.


But no one can predict the future and we can in no way guarantee that you will make money following our tips. Try not betting too much on a single match, and never gamble with money you can't afford to lose. I won a lot of money on your tips Wow - that's amazing, congratulations!

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