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Hamilton pranks fans at Mercedes-Benz World When the world champion impersonated a voice assistant When Hakkinen said Senna needed bigger motorsport streams Future two-time F1 world champion ruffled feathers when he first got his big break at McLaren Share this article on Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email Formula 1 will broadcast the Mexican Grand Prix weekend on entertainment platform Twitch as part of an attempt to attract new audiences. All sessions from this weekend's Mexico City event will be shown free of charge in six countries - Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden - on Twitch's main twitch.

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The majority of the data telemetry is transmitted to the pit in real time using radio from the cars.

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There the information is distributed using a LAN infrastructure.. Additionally live video signals from cameras inside and outside the race car and from arround the race track are received and used to monitor and assess the driving conditions.

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Avoiding the necessity to build a coax network alongside the ethernet based PC network all video sources are converted to IPTV streams and distributed over the IP network at the pit. Op top of that all video streams are recorded for later analysis.

F1 to experiment with live broadcast of Mexican GP weekend on Twitch

During the races it must be possible to export clips of on-going recordings, to use them as video evidence in case of an incident, and show them promptly to the race management center.

Uncompressed video signals, i. Streams coming from IP cameras i.

Business Challenge On the other hand, we have Will Power who will be contending to defend his title and will start the race from the second row in the sixth position. The ace racer of Formula 1, Fernando Alonso also made an attempt to foray into the event but that was foiled as he bumped off the field.
Accessibility links Because in order to appreciate the success we've had this season, we need to understand the progression and how it all started. Back in , American Endurance Racing started as a way to get a lot of people on track with a lot of track time, and with the cars those people wanted to build.

To provide video evidence all existing streams are recorded using ICUE media server. In case of an incident and pending penalty, i. ICUE offers the possibility to trim, clip and export the needed recordings fast and direct to provide the video evidence to the race management center.

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