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By Creg Stephenson cstephenson al. New Hope. The Panthers are two misshsaa tvs baseball away from a 5A state championship. Pascagoula meets New Hope in Game 1 of the best-of-three state finals at p. Wednesday at Trustmark Park in Pearl.

This Year's Inductees

Joey Walden will have big shoes to fill next season. He is the top returner when it comes to receptions 32 , yards , and Touchdowns 4. He also doesn't have Parker Adamson throwing him the ball either, so he needs to give incoming Sophomore QB Jack Abraham some confidence to this season.

Abraham has talent, probably as smart and scaringly more accurate than when Guy Cameron Billups came through the system.

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Walden needs to make sure Abraham has someone to rely on. Much like Presley had to do last year, he will have to lead his WR corp to do the hard work if they want to be successful on offense. Those two have to be the combo threat with Gordon's speed and Walden's sure hands if they want to keep the defense off balance this season along with some help from the underclassmen.

Coming into this year, Walden has participated in Football and what seems like a pre-requisite now in Powerlifting. He is also part of the Track team this past year as a Sprinter. Expect him to have a big year in Football and to help out the defending 5A Champion Powerlifters in going back-to-back.

It brought the game to a score of which would eventually be the final score but that is beside the point.

We know that a fair catch means that the receiver is allowed to catch the ball without interference of being touched or tackled in exchange of not being able to advance the ball. Usually this is never asked by the officials as it is ideal to take the ball instead of taking a long free kick in an attempt to score 3 points where the percentages are really low for success for that kick.

Schedule released for MHSAA Baseball Championships at Trustmark Park

Only 5 of 21 kicks in the NFL have been successful when attempted - the last one was made in - 37 years ago. If the team chooses the latter, then the kicker can attempt a Field Goal via a Drop Kick or a normal Field Goal kick from a hold at the line of scrimmage how it is done traditionally but here is another catch - no one can rush the kicker if these conditions are met.

The opposing team must be 10 yards beyond the line of scrimmage from where the catch was made - similar to a kickoff. If the kick falls short and lands in the field of play, the opposing team has the chance to return it.

In high school, if it crosses the plane of the goalline, it is a touchback and the ball returns to the If the kick is successful, the kicking team is awarded 3 points - like in any other normal field goal situation. If one should miss this kick, the opposing team would take over from that spot or from the 20 in high school making such an attempt rather foolish to make during normal play.

Mississippi High School Activities Association

Lots of conditions have to be met - I may be redundant here but to be in an advantageous position to try a "Fair Catch Kick": The receiving team must make a Fair Catch in the field of play from a kick by punt or kickoff There must not be much time on the clock in the half or game this is not a requirement but this is usually the best time to do it.

Must be close enough for the kicker to attempt a Field Goal traditionally without a snap or by drop kick.

Must occur before the first play for that team in possession. If a dead ball foul occurs before the snap of the first play, the free kick option remains open.

It is rare that these conditions are met although they can be met and thus I'm sure hardly anyone has ever seen one happen. You can go back to the NFL season - maybe search it on Youtube - as two were attempted that season both missed.

Or go to this link on Wikipedia here. The ranking in 5A will be from MP. Who's Playing? The lowdown: You can forget the "Egg Bowl" talk, this is not the Egg Bowl - that belongs to the two colleges that reside in these towns.

However, this matchup may spark some bad blood between the two high schools because of the fact those colleges reside in those towns - and you have the ego-loving Dan Mullen to thank for that for disrespecting anything coming out of Oxford. Besides those points, the fact of the matter is that Starkville is the defending North Half Champions in Football and Oxford is standing in their way for their shot of being North Half Champions again.

Starkville won their game last week to get to this point, defeating Saltillo Oxford won their game as well to reach the second round defeating Provine While Lafayette was stoned in their attack, West Point showed what it can do if you do not tackle - this is the exact same case here.

Starkville does not rely on one back, they have three backs that they use - two of which have each rushed for at least yards and the other for On Myles' first game back they played West Point and lost , so that may just be a case of his first game jitters as he had two of his three interceptions so far on the year in that game.

Their defense has been suffocating - they have posted 5 shutouts on the year and have only given up 8. Oxford has the task of having to move the ball against this defense. For Oxford to win, they must: Contain the run threat - and make them throw it. If they stuff their running threat that Myles provides, throwing is their only option - and we saw what happened when Provine had to throw the ball.

Oxford had 4 interceptions last week. Don't fire the gun - and shoot yourself in the foot. Oxford has been hampered with penalties the past few weeks that has really hurt them. Find ways to score - and not just when Oxford gets into the Red Zone which they have struggled to score in much of the year.

Stadium of the Day: Smith

This defense is the toughest they have faced since the Lafayette game on paper anyways and they are going to take their points where they can get them. Cody Mills cannot afford to have one of his off nights we have seen from him lately - Mills just needs to be accurate on his kicks, we know how far he can kick it - that is not the problem.

It is very likely Oxford will have to settle for Field Goals at times, and that is fine on a defense that does not give up a lot. For Starkville to win, they must: Run with Myles for Miles - he is their key player. Just by looking at what they did without him early on in the season, he is the one that does it all running and throwing.

Points will be hard to come by if he is stopped, so Oxford needs to stop him however they can. Oxford needs to play assignment football if they are to stop him and his lethal running backs that are lethal because of what Myles can do.

Take advantage of the mistakes - Oxford seems to make several every week, so it is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when Oxford makes a mistake either by turnover, penalty that keeps drive alive, or a busted coverage play - take advantage.

Oxford will make a play if you allow them to keep them in it long enough to seal your fate for this season. Play assignment football - Oxford can run it or throw it with Parker Adamson behind center.

Starkville needs to account for everybody on defense because anyone on the Chargers can make a play and score at any given time. One missed assignment could mean 7 points for Oxford. Temps expected to drop to the mids by the end of the game.

Other Notes: Oxford is looking to earn a bid to the North Half Championship game for the first time since This is the first meeting since before the MHSAA was created for the two high schools in football.

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Oxford St. Provine [3-seed from A], NR Where?

Mhsaabaseball Photos images pics

The lowdown: The Oxford Chargers made the playoffs and clinched their spot nearly 3 weeks ago, knowing that they earned a home game. The problem until last week is who would be the team traveling to Oxford High School - a school that has not hosted a first round home game since and a total of one home playoff game since Provine - in which they had thought they were completely out of it when they lost to Ridgeland last week - had won the tiebreaker based on point difference between the Rams and the other 4 schools.

For those that paid attention to all the ways the teams from A would make the playoffs in the Football Region Standings Page, Provine was the only team that could lose their last game and still make the playoffs let alone be a 3-seed.

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