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Thursday, September 12, 2019 11:48:47 PM

KXII - Ardmore mic live football fans will be hearing a new voice coming from the press box this season. Cedric Bailey will be the stadium PA announcer for the season.

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Tom Brady and the Patriots survived a major scare in Buffalo to remain perfect.

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And Daniel Jones got his second straight win, though it came against the hapless Washington Redskins who have major issues. But hey, a win is a win. That ref sounded like a frustrated parent at the end of a 3-day weekend.

The most special postgame moment: This one for the Bucs. Now that must have been an emotional time for Jason Licht.

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Suh, of course, closed out the game with a fumble return for a touchdown as the Bucs stunned the Rams, , in Los Angeles. Best job of pretending to play the piano: Bill Belichick. Best job of making a defender look silly: Travis Kelce. Kelce out there stopping on a dime!

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Best job of not casually celebrating a call on your opponent: Bradley Chubb Chubb really enjoyed that false start call on the Jaguars. What an arm on OBJ, who threw a ball that should have been caught.

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Also, what a job of avoiding that sack. Worst job of running by a running back: Tarik Cohen. Best job of running by a running back: Nick Chubb. Chubb is fast, which he showed everyone on this yard TD.

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Best job of not knowing what Mozart was famous for: Andy Reid. But the Chiefs are and the big guy is feeling good. The most painful finish to a pick-six: Marcus Peters Running back a pick-six should be a lot more fun than that.

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Best job of throwing a flag and having it land on your back: This ref in Chicago.

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