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Matz first drew attention from scouts in the New York Mets organization during a baseball showcase tournament in[7] [6] [17] and their interest in him long island high school baseball players to watch to grow in subsequent years. He also had a. The two became close friends, [3] [32] [33] and began living in the same house in Port St.

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He began playing in the majors as the left fielder for the San Francisco Giants, and against Baltimore on May 31 came to bat and hit a double his first time up, walked his second time up, and then his third time up hit a home run.

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He remains in left field today, and so far, in just two months, has hit 10 home runs, has a remarkable 34 runs batted in and is hitting a respectable. And he is only a rookie. What a start! Meanwhile, a remarkable thing happened in baseball two weeks ago when two other players, both pitchers from the eastern end of Long Island who played against each other in high school, pitched back-to-back games for the New York Mets.

One is Steven Matz , who has been a starting pitcher for the Mets for the past three years.

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Three weeks ago, he pitched a full nine-inning game, letting up only one run against Miami. Earlier this year, he started a game and never got through the first inning.

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He pitched to eight batters, failed to get any of them out , watched as all of them scored, and finally his manager walked out to the mound and sent him to the showers. In , a famous high school baseball game was played in these parts, and all 32 baseball teams sent scouts with video cameras to evaluate two prospects, the opposing pitchers.

With college recruiting look no further than Ryan Pembroke and his staff. He works day and night to help connect kids with schools and this long process would have never found me a home without him.

The game was played in Patchogue, and a huge crowd and members of the media watched—not only the boys pitching, but also the scouts who were busy filming and writing on pads about what they saw.

Both simply struck out batter after batter. In the end Ward Melville won While Matz signed up and played for the New York Mets for the last four years, Stroman signed up and played for the Toronto Blue Jays for a similar amount of time.

  • Days 2 and 3 will be streamed live on MLB.
  • We film for coaches, athletes and college recruiters.
  • Beginning as a camp counselor at a youth camp, Matt worked my way up from working with young travel baseball players, to high school travel players, to high school student-athletes, and into college athletics.
  • Isidore Cemetery in Riverhead is a simple one. Like so many of the grave sites at the Reeves Avenue resting place, it says very little about the man buried below.
  • The Mets selected Boston College right-handed pitcher and Freeport native Justin Dunn with the 19th overall pick, and promptly used their 31st selection to acquire lefty Anthony Kay of Stony Brook, who played college ball at the University of Connecticut. They both inked million-dollar-plus contracts before the signing deadline.

Now, Stroman has been traded from the Blue Jays to the Mets. The press asked Stroman what he thought about this, and he said he was very excited to be back on Long Island, particularly because he would be near his family and would be pitching on the same team as his high school foe Matz.

As I said, the Mets started Matz and Stroman one after the other on consecutive days two weeks ago.

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Matz has pitched wonderfully since the All Star break, which included a five-hit shutout just a week before. Now here was Stroman, in the dugout watching Matz pitch his first three innings without a run.

Then came the fourth inning, where Matz fell apart. Four runs had crossed home plate before he could even get one out, and manager Mickey Callaway walked out to the mound and sent him to the showers as a result.

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Stroman pitched on Thursday evening, with Matz watching. Things did not go well for him in the first inning. Two runs scored in the top of the first, but then Stroman made a remarkable fielding play. With the bases loaded, the batter hit a hard grounder headed toward the gap between short and third.

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In one quick motion, Stroman finished his pitch, dove to his right, snagged the ball and in a spectacular spinning motion just a few inches off the ground, threw a perfect strike to the catcher to nail the sliding runner with just a nanosecond to spare.

Stroman then pitched the next three innings flawlessly, then, tired, was replaced in the top of the fifth, and the Mets won. We shall see what we shall see.

A week later, which was this week, the manager tried the same Long Island pitching sequence again.

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This time Matz pitched very well, just shy of seven full innings, and won the game. Then came Stroman and a six solid innings during which he struck out nine. Call them the East End Twins. Things are looking up. Facebook Comments.

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