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Alabama's live footy doctor serv live football football coach keeps working the room inside Baumhower's Victory Grill, shaking hands and posing for pictures. A mountain of a man dressed in a spandex-and-sequined, Crimson Tide-themed luchador outfit eyes him from afar.

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But for television and the NFL, Oct. NFL games dominate weekly television ratings each fall, and the league evenly divides the revenue from multibillion-dollar television contracts among all 32 clubs.

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Each week, his crew produces what fans see on their televisions from multiple cameras deployed throughout the stadium. Smith In , NBC was the first network to televise a pro football game , using two cameras and about eight staffers.

Shortcomings in the available technology presented challenges for airing the contest between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Brooklyn Dodgers. The impact on the league has been remarkable, in both obvious and subtle ways.

Fans soon set aside time each week to watch their favorite teams play on Sundays. Games were eventually added to other days and moved to prime time. It lasts for two seasons. The league offices remain in New York to this day, although now at Park Ave.

The revenue is to be shared among all NFL teams. Airing on two networks because of separate NFL and AFL network relationships, it attracts more than 50 million viewers.

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In those 50 seconds, the Raiders score two touchdowns for a come-from-behind victory. To make the games more of a spectacle, producer Roone Arledge uses nine cameras, including one sideline and two hand-held cameras, at a time when rival networks are using four or five for their Sunday broadcasts. Before then, big-market teams like the New York Giants could earn 10 times as much money as small-market teams like the Green Bay Packers, which gave the Giants much more cash to sign the best players.

But by equally distributing the television revenue — in addition to sharing revenue from other sources, such as merchandising and ticket sales — the league ensures that every team has the financial ability to compete on and off the field.

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Since that first game in , broadcasters and the NFL have continued to innovate and push the limits of how television can enhance the NFL experience.

Deeper Dive: Learn more about the history of instant replay Instant replay, initially used for just one play during the Army-Navy game in late , soon would become ubiquitous for NFL broadcasts, especially when slow motion and freeze-frame capabilities were added and enhanced.

Replay made games more entertaining. Inevitably, instant replay became commonplace, increasing the pressure on the NFL to find a way to use the technology to help game officials make the correct calls.

Replay provided broadcasters and viewers with visual evidence, in slow motion, to second-guess the judgment calls officials made on the spot at full speed.

But any system would rely on the broadcast feed, and the networks were not yet using that many cameras. They killed the system in , citing delays and incorrect calls, but brought it back for good in As television added more and better cameras, instant replay reviews improved too.

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  • Some other leagues use separate Defense and Special Teams.

This is symbiosis in action. Cleveland Browns coach Paul Brown became the first coach to use film to scout other players and coaches and to evaluate his own players. James D. In addition to the network feed, the NFL captures game action from two cameras positioned high above the field in every stadium.

The proprietary NFL Vision software also enables the league to use game footage to help protect players and evaluate both the officials and the rules of the game. At each game, an independently certified trainer contracted by the league uses NFL Vision to monitor the broadcast feed and identify potential injuries.

In plays during which a possible injury occurs, this spotter immediately notifies on-field medical staff and can even transmit a replay to a sideline monitor for the trainer or doctor to view.

They can also store and collect important game data.

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Technology has raised the quality of the at-home viewing experience so high that the NFL and its clubs always search for ways to provide a better in-stadium experience. Oversized video scoreboards have become the norm in all NFL stadiums.

Fans rely on them for replays and closer views of game action. Home teams use them to fire up the crowd and entertain the fans between plays.

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More than 4, inch flat-panel TVs would be needed to equal the size of a screen on the center-hung, high-definition video scoreboard. AP Photo The Houston Texans' two high-definition video scoreboards, unveiled in , were for a brief time the widest in professional sports, stretching more than feet — six times bigger than the ones they replaced.

Sprecher The Jacksonville Jaguars in introduced two high-definition video scoreboards above each end zone that are 85 feet longer than the Texans' screens and offer more than 22, square feet of video.

Like any good relationship, this one remains a two-way street, benefiting both the broadcasters and the game. Related Content.

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