Light Weight Mens Wrist Watch Sports Band

Friday, February 21, 2020 1:58:32 AM

So, everything says these watches are light weight mens wrist watch sports band for the money. And that they look great and work. But, the next big question for me at least is what do you actually get for the money. Again, this is a Chinese made watch, so you are not getting Swiss Made parts, but they are decent.

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Whether you are trying to find one for formal occasions or simply a piece that you can wear daily, the options are truly limitless. But no matter the occasion, you need to make sure that you select a wristwatch that actually fits.

An oversized watch face can look gaudy and downright bad whereas watch face that is too small will look feminine and out of place. Therefore, we wanted to put together this roundup of the best wrist watches on the market that are suited for men with slightly small er than average wrists.

But we also go a step further… Instead of just find watches that have modest face sizes, we also dissect the watch crystals, movement mechanisms, and even the width of the band. Simply put — this easy to use guide will serve any man looking to add a quality watch at any price point to their ensemble.

This quartz-powered watch in particular has a wide, white face adorned with rose gold around the case. Rose gold markers around the face serve as numeral positions, and the slim hands are made of the same material.

This coloring ties very well into the brown and tan hues of the wristband, giving this piece a feeling of completeness. On the side of the face is the date dial, allowing you to keep track of the date as well as the time. You will never be unprepared with a watch like this.

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In fact, this watch has a very slim profile that works well with many different outfits. Submerging this in water for extended periods of time will cause the watch to malfunction, so if you are swimming, take care to remove the watch.

They help you keep track of the time, but they also have a slew of other features for anyone who is even slightly athletic. The watch looks extremely sporty as well, with a black resin band and black resin case. The rectangular display allows for everything to fit on screen very easily as well.

Casio is a familiar brand, and many people have owned one at some point or another. The most memorable thing about any Casio is the way the digital watches light up.

Citizen Men's Eco

The back lighting on this watch is phenomenal, and allows you to easily read the display in low light conditions. Additionally, this watch is water resistant, good for showering, swimming, but not diving. It features a plain black band that is segmented equally around the wrist, a plain black case that encompasses a black face, and gold number markers with gold hands to give the watch some pop.

This watch does not have a date dial or any way of keeping track of the calendar, but not every watch needs such a feature. This watch is water resistant, allowing you to get it wet and even submerge it briefly for short amounts of time.

Buyers of this watch commend its simplistic style and overall functionality. The biggest complaint that people have with this watch is that it is very small. As far as downsides to this watch, the small size is the only major one that buyers have a problem with. This watch looks and feels like it was made for royalty, made from stainless steel and decorated with several small diamond accents around the case.

The face is a cool black color, and the gold hands and number markers contrast very nicely. The face also has three smaller dials all with different functions, such as a hour dial, a perpetual calendar, and an alarm function.

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However, diving is not an option. Buyers of this watch love how it looks, and it is no surprise that Citizen does so well.

  • Classic and minimalist watch dial ii. Lightweight design iii.
  • Check Price In the childhood days, getting the toy wristwatch was a joy and showing it off was immense pride.
  • Many of the other bands we tested at this price were either boring, cheap feeling, or lacking good stitching, but the Saffiano had none of those flaws. Photo: Michael Hession 1 of 3 Saffiano leather is wax-coated and cross-hatched, similar to the texture of some handbags or wallets.
  • AskMen may get paid if you click a link in this article and buy a product or service. It features the largest display yet, even though the case is about the same size, while new technology improves power efficiency and prolongs battery life.
  • We don our shorts, our hats , our sunglasses.
  • Keep track of your stats while jogging down the road, lifting at the gym and wherever else your workouts take you with a high-quality athletic watch.

This watch is the height of superior craftsmanship, and it looks positively phenomenal. This Ferrari watch has bright red accents against a bold black background, the perfect combination of powerful accent and bold, yet simplistic design.

The face is designed to look like the speed gauge of a vehicle, which makes sense as Ferrari makes cars. The wrist band is rubber, and textured to look like tire treads. The case measures in at Not too big and not too small, just perfect for most wrist sizes. The watch uses quartz movement to keep ticking, a popular choice in watches today.

The mineral crystal glass protecting the face is scratch resistant, meaning it is durable through every day wear and tear. The hands are stainless steel as well, and they do seem to blend into the face a little bit as they are both incredibly light.

However, it should not affect the way you read the watch. This watch uses analog quartz movement to power itself, which is fairly standard amongst these watches.

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It is also not overly water resistant, only able to withstand the occasional splash of water or rain. The mineral dial window is great for reducing the amount of scratches on your watch, and for the most part keeps your timepiece protected.

The simplistic circular case surrounds a very subtly designed face, patterned with different textures around the numbers and the inner face. The strap gives this watch a very nice contrast, and it is a very traditional look besides.

The alligator leather band is a nice touch with stitches that are neatly sewn up and around the sides. A great looking watch with a band like this is going to last you for several years.

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The roman numerals around the face are a nice touch, and really sell the traditional watch look. It is water resistant to splashes and rain, but should not be submerged in water for any length of time.

The textured face is complemented by the rose gold handles and numeral markers, and is every so slightly asymmetrical to give it an artistic flair. The rose gold case, complements the stainless-steel color very nicely, and that color is carried out throughout the wristband.

What matters most in a watch is how it performs. The glass covering the face is made from sapphire, and features anti-reflective coating on the inside so you never have to worry about it washing off.

It is water resistant to feet, so you can go to the pool and swim for short periods of time, but extended wear in the water, diving, or snorkeling will end up ruining the watch. Gucci is a very expensive brand, but if you catch this one on sale, it will be worth the price.

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