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Saturday, February 22, 2020 9:49:52 PM

The broadcaster, beIN Sports, has poured billions of jazeera sports news live arabic into securing rights to major events, notably in soccer, in recent years. But over the last three months, it has become entangled in a bitter diplomatic crisis in which several Arabic-speaking countries, led by Saudi Arabia, severed relations with Qatar, the tiny gas-rich emirate that will host the World Cup.

Al Jazeera buys Premier league TV rights in Middle East

The pay-per-view network under its new guise will operate 19 high-definition channels, with presenters Andy Gray and Richard Keys remaining in place. The network currently operates in markets including France, the US and Indonesia, with online streaming services in Canada. It also holds the rights to broadcast live sports including rugby league and the Superbike World Championship.

Al Jazeera Sport to become beIN SPORTS

According to The Wall Street Journal, the organising body for the top tier of English football requested that Al Jazeera reduce its coverage on Saturdays to just one match, rather than the full roster.

Daniel Shane footifan 5 years ago The organizing body can and should request other broadcasters in other countries to follow Al Jazeera to show all matches LIVE.

beIN Sports Cards

What happened? I didn't see any English commentary after the matches either. What is going on???

Al Jazeera Sport : Football TV

Monkey Tennis 5 years ago No English commentary and contrary to footifan's comment, I understand due to problems with security all the matches on a Saturday are not live on-line; only one is selected. The switch to BeIn was not well handled either - it took me a good fifteen minutes to work out what was going on because the fixture guide wasn't working and half the channels reported errors.

When it works I really enjoy this coverage - much, much better than ADMC but there are too many technical gremlins in the Internet-based services at the moment; get them sorted please or think about a discount for next year's package for those of us who have had to endure the teething problems.

Adam 5 years ago footifan - Because in English there is a rich history of footballing tradition dating back years. The rule has always been that no 3pm games will be broadcast in the UK to protect local teams. There are 92 total teams in the Football League 72 outside the Premier League.

Al Jazeera Sport rebrands as beIN Sport Al-Jazeera challenges dominance of western satellite channels Sat, Mar 17, , QATAR:The Arab TV channel has offered a new window on the world, writes Michael Jansen in Doha The tiny Gulf state of Qatar has become an influential player on the international scene, not just because it is a major supplier of oil and gas but because it is home to al-Jazeera, the satellite TV channel that began broadcasting in Arabic a decade ago.
Al Jazeera Sports This channel was partly owned by Saudi-Arabia. Many of the journalists from this station started working with Al Jazeera.
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تنويه : ترددات كل قنوات باقة الجزيرة الرياضية في مختلف الاقمار ( محدث ) Fast and reliable service.

If fans of all those teams can stay home and watch Premier League games, then attendances at the other 72 teams will most probably suffer as well as some of the 20 Premier League teams , which in turn creates an even bigger gap between the Premier League and the rest of the 72 since they would lose vital revenue from ticket sales.

Hope that clears it up and you can now see the method behind the madness!

Al Jazeera Sport: The sports television network of the Arab World

Monkey Tennis 5 years ago So Adam please explain why did they sell the rights to televise every single Saturday match in the first place and how I could watch every single Saturday 3 p.

At the same time given television didn't exist years ago and the first ever football match was televised 79 years ago I'd love to know what this years of tradition relates to. Other than that thanks for your insight.

  • Live: Watch Al Jazeera (Arabic) from Qatar.
  • Al Jazeera Sport rebranded beIN SPORTS

No English coverage in HD. I paid up a year subscirption to receive HD coverage.

Card 8 Channel Al Jazeera Sport Viaccess

Ofcourse when I'll call BeIn they'll tell me I now have to pay extra Ali 5 years ago I find it interesting how people are demanding English commentary from an Arabic channel while sitting in an Arabic country nimby 5 years ago Ali How so? They changed their name from Al Jazeera to an English name to be more global.

They show English Premier League matches and others. If they clearly want to be global, why not offer language options? That is not difficult to do. Just depends if you are global or parochial. We know what you are. Kumar G 5 years ago Yes Ali, we do demand english commentary as we have paid for this service.

Only arabic commentary is a breach of contract since we pay for the service a year in advance and do not expect to get conned due to rebranding. You cannot expect the expatriate viewers paying for this sevice to be conned to such a great extent!!

Ponder 5 years ago Because they were promised it and they paid for it.

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