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Edit Vincent J. McMahon's son, Vincent K. The is wwe the most watched sport McMahon bought Capitol from his father ineffectively seizing control of the company.

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While someone might think The Undertaker is the greatest of all-time, another might feel, say, Daniel Bryan is. Two totally different performers, but both extremely good.

Many fans felt they did that with time world champion John Cena for many years. Greatest character? Probably The Undertaker. Greatest in-ring performer? Arguably Shawn Michaels.

Best on the microphone? But, who is the biggest star in the history of wrestling?

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That is a question with far stricter parameters and actual, tangible evidence to support the winner. A quick look at the aforementioned men and then Rocky by comparison will enlighten you. Stone Cold Steve Austin is the biggest draw in the history of the business.

That is indisputable.

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When he caught fire in late , he was the most popular wrestler on the planet for a good four years at a boom period — the Monday Night Wars. Austin would win that war for the WWE and would stray into the mainstream with his forthright persona.

Unfortunately, his stay at the top was relatively short-lived. Recurring neck problems that stemmed from a botch at the hands of Owen Hart in would force Austin to retire in at the age of 37 — very young for a main event wrestler.

WWE 7 Stone Cold Steve Austin is arguably the biggest star in the history of wrestling Following that, the Texas Rattlesnake tried to stay in the business in a variety of on-screen roles before departing for some low-level Hollywood movies and some straight to DVD efforts.

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He then launched a successful podcast that runs to this day and hosts some reality-based TV shows. However, it could be said that once his days were done in the ring, the only way was down.

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For Hulk Hogan, he is synonymous with wrestling. McMahon took the gamble to launch the very expensive and risky WrestleMania concept around Hogan and when you look at the first three events, he was more than a central figure to their success.

He even reinvented himself in by turning heel and forming the NWO, an industry-shifting move that no one saw coming. Furthermore, he went on to steal WrestleMania in with — you guessed it, The Rock — and had a great last run with the company.

He spent four years with TNA that were close to a disaster from a growth perspective and he also had a sex tape leaked.

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On top of that, Hogan was caught on tape making several racial slurs which saw the WWE banish him for three years. That brings us to Ric Flair. A lot of fans will tell you Ric Flair is the greatest of all-time and many, many wrestlers will too.

Back in the days when the NWA world champion would travel to all territories and put bums in seats, Flair was the absolute best and the highest drawing by a country mile. Nobody worked harder than Flair and his gimmick of having a taste for the extravagant — jet-flying, limousine-riding and all that — was really him.

The fans gravitated to that and he became a star a whole world above the rest. But he could really wrestle, too. Still to this day, athletes and musicians will credit him as an inspiration because of his swag and attitude.

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However, his life is wrestling. TNA, like milk on a hot day apparently, was a bad choice. Flair is a legend in many circles, and, with hardcore wrestling fans, is perhaps revered the most of all legends.

But, he never quite transcended like the other men on this list. Then we have The Rock. The Great One. The Brahma Bull.

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Just as Austin became sidelined with his neck issues in late — where he was hit by a car, remember? With Austin gone, he became the top guy and many would say he took things even higher.

He was formidable on the microphone whether he was a heel or babyface. He had the looks, an electrifying moveset in the ring that complimented him perfectly and charisma coming out of his eyeballs. McMahon knew The Rock was a star from the moment he laid eyes on him.

The audience hung off his every word and arenas literally exploded when his music hit. His vast array of catchphrases made him a globally known star very quickly and just as much as Austin turned the tide for WWE in the Monday Night Wars, The Rock picked up the baton on the home straight.

He is the very definition of a household name. Dwayne Johnson, The Rock — whatever. Everyone knows who he is and when he goes back to WWE, which he still does from time-to-time, it has a visible effect on tickets, ratings — everything.

When you look at what he accomplished during his career and after it — which also helps highlight WWE — The Rock is clearly the biggest star to ever grace the squared circle.

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