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Blaum stole third, C. Blake stole second. Hoehner struck out swinging. Frizzell struck out swinging. West Virginia - Top Of 2nd I. Gonzalez reached on infield single to shortstop.

Brophy homered to left, I. Gonzalez scored. TJ Lake grounded out to first. Tucker flied out to right. Davis fouled out to first. Foster walked.

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Coleman flied out to center. DeLoach popped out to third. Coleman struck out swinging. West Virginia - Top Of 3rd T. Doanes bunt grounded out to catcher. Hill doubled to deep center. Inman flied out to center, D.

Hill to third. McIntosh walked. Gonzalez flied out to center. Shewmake singled to center. Blaum flied out to center.

West Virginia University vs. Pitt

Blake popped out to shortstop. Shewmake caught stealing second, catcher to shortstop.

West Virginia - Top Of 4th K. Brophy struck out swinging. Tucker doubled to left, TJ Lake scored. Davis sacrificed to pitcher, T. Tucker scored, A. Davis safe at first on throwing error by pitcher C.

Fordham vs West Virginia Baseball Game Summary

Weber relieved C. Davis picked off and caught stealing second, pitcher to first to shortstop. Doanes struck out looking. Hoehner reached on infield single to second. Ottinger relieved R. Ducoff hit for W. Ducoff struck out swinging.

Foster flied out to right. Hoehner to second on passed ball. Coleman grounded out to second. West Virginia - Top Of 5th D. Hill reached on infield single to second.

Inman flied out to right.

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McIntosh homered to left center, D. Hill scored.

  • Ncaa Baseball teams across the country will compete in the NCAA Division I baseball tournament with hopes of becoming the reigning champion. With games in several states, fans may not be able to make it to the stadium, but fortunately, they can stream it live from wherever they call home.
  • Friday in the regional opener and the host Mountaineers take on No. Doxakis was pulled after eight innings with his no-hitter intact — with the idea of saving his arm for the tournament that truly counts.
  • See also: List of Mountaineers The Mountaineer was adopted in as the official school mascot and unofficially began appearing at sporting events in The mascot travels with most sports teams throughout the academic year.
  • Game 1: No. FCS Game 2: No.

Gonzalez doubled to right. Brophy singled to right, I. Gonzalez to third. Miller relieved C. TJ Lake flied out to right, I. Gonzalez tagged out at home.

Southeastern University Athletics

DeLoach safe at first on error by second baseman T. Coleman safe at first on error by third baseman K. Brophy, Z. DeLoach to third. Shewmake grounded into double play, shortstop to second to first, Z.

DeLoach scored, T.

WVU baseball blows lead, drops NCAA Regional elimination game to Texas A&M

Coleman out at second. Blaum flied out to left. West Virginia - Top Of 6th T. Tucker struck out swinging.

Davis walked. Davis stole second, A. Davis safe at third on throwing error by catcher M. Doanes singled to center, A. Davis scored. Hill popped out to third.

Doanes stole second. Inman struck out swinging.

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