I Am A Girl And I Love Watching Football

Saturday, December 21, 2019 7:11:24 PM

It's time to separate the men from the boys, the winners from the losers, the boyfriends from the bachelors. And during football season, it's amazing how fast you can switch between those last two. So if you're happily the former or sadly the latter, you just might need to work on your football-viewing etiquette before watching the game with that special someone or prospective special someone. So we called in the help of the Fox Sports Girls Jordana DePaula and Asha Horne — two i am a girls and i love watching football whose job it is to talk sports with you all day — to help you have some fun, caution you against condescension, and tell you how to impress that someone — while still watching football.

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By Tyler Gildin Sep 12, Most girls are not fun to watch football with.

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One way or another, they will make their presence known with their verbal reactions to the plays that will make you feel like this is just another way they can force all the attention in the room onto them. We get that you are probably watching with us to be a part of an activity we truly view as special, but that doesn't mean you have the right to turn the part of the week we look forward to the most into a stressful endeavor.

Whether they know what they are talking about or not, girls simply get in the way when it comes to watching football because we find ourselves worrying about what they will do or say next rather then the game itself.

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Virtually all of their comments and questions will just give off the overall message "I'm a girl, this is why this is weird for me. She sits on her phone the entire time or tries to make conversation during the most important moments of the game.

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Occasionally, she even threatens to change the channel, or asks to use your laptop to go on Facebook when you are clearly using it to check your fantasy match-up. This girl usually has a brother or ex boyfriend who was a fan of your local team, so therefore she pretends to be really interested in the outcome of the game.

The questioner The girl who asks too many questions. Having your girlfriend show interest is appreciated, but being interrogated every five minutes is no way to enjoy the game. The softy The girl who is too sensitive. The agitator The girl who enjoys getting under your skin.

This is the kind of girl who cheers for the other team, just to piss you off. Your mom The woman who literally gave birth to you.

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The Thanksgiving football games are always tough to sit through because you have to watch them with your entire family. Your Mom knows how passionate you are about your football and because she loves you she becomes passionate, too.

She cheers in the corniest way possible, embarrassing the shit out of you and complaining when there is a bad call just to add salt to injury. The all-knowing The girl who actually knows more than you.

She can answer every one of your demeaning sports trivia questions, and can even chug a beer faster than you.

  • Except it's August. You see, the kickoff of the NFL season is huge for us die-hard sports fans.
  • He is a priest.
  • What other purpose can I possibly have to enjoy the sport, given the fact that I was born female and that automatically takes me out of the stereotype of football fans in this country?
  • A survey today shows that more women than ever before are football supporters. One in four fans going through the turnstiles is female, it is claimed.
  • Cancel 0 I love watching Football.
  • She is an extremely passionate football fan and fashion lover.

This girl is cool to have around initially, but ultimately becomes intimidating and makes you uncomfortable. You're a girl. You're not supposed to challenge me on a football question and actually be right.

Hey lets face it, all girls look sexy in a football jersey unless they actually look like Nick Mangold.

Real Women Watch Football #real_women #football

Point being, when you watch the game all of your focus and concern should be on the field, not on how the girl next to you is going to react. Your comments will freak us out and probably make us look at you in a strange light for the following days to come.

No offense ladies, but we prefer not to be disoriented when enjoying our most treasured past time. TylerGildin Elite.

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