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Are we doing how to sports bet for a living to help problem gamblers? I did understand that being a local bookie was a terrible way to try to make a living and that moving to Vegas to try to make a living being a professional gambler was probably not my best idea.

Sports Betting & Odds

Many bettors enjoy the quicker pace and ability to wager on unique aspects of the game as they develop. What Is Live Betting? Figure 1 shows the NFL betting menu on Bovada before a game starts. Figure 1: Regular NFL betting menu.

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Figure 3 below shows the top part of the sub-menu for a Houston vs. Memphis college football game midway through the second quarter. Figure 3: College football live betting sub-menu.

Live Betting Guide

The major differences between live betting and traditional betting take center stage in these sub-menus. Figure 4 shows the sub-menu for Washington vs. You can clearly see the spread, moneyline, and total for the first half and each individual quarter.

These are very common props to see when betting on an NFL game before kickoff. Figure 4: Regular NFL betting sub-menu. With in-game betting, first-half and quarter lines are often still available depending on the stage of the game , but so are additional props like the outcome of the next play, next drive, and so on.

How to Make a Living from Sports Betting

Figure 5: Live NFL betting sub-menu. Here, the first part of the live betting sub-menu for Chicago vs. Detroit illustrates a couple of the props that are unique to in-game betting.

Live Betting Advantages In addition to the obvious benefit of adding another level of entertainment to watching the game, live bets can provide value for discerning bettors who know what to look for.

Live Sports Betting: Tips and Tricks for In

Take advantage of the following realities to make the most of your live, in-game betting experience. Extra Information This is rather obvious, but you can gain an informational advantage after watching part of a game.

Instantaneous Results Instant gratification also makes in-game wagers an enticing option.

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In-games bets are typically graded and paid out incredibly quickly. The fastest sites will deposit your winnings into your account within minutes.

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After all, they want you back in on the action ASAP! Live Betting Disadvantages However, there are a few inconvenient and less enticing aspects of live betting.

Figure 6 below shows something live bettors see all the time: a couple of props that are currently closed. Figure 6: Live NFL betting submenu with closed props.

Oddsmakers are always adjusting and refining their odds. Expect them to take down props until the book is confident that they have the upper hand.

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Ultimately, you need to be vigilant to make the most of live betting. Fewer Games to Bet on with Live Betting It takes a lot of manpower to create and adjust betting lines on the fly. As such, the live betting menu on most sites is smaller than the regular betting menu.

Which Sites Offer Live Betting? Almost every online sportsbook offers live betting odds these days. Live Betting on Mobile In our experience, every site with a mobile betting platform i.

In-game menus and the type of bets available vary from site to site, but each of our top ten online betting sites offers live betting from mobile devices. Check out the rest of our betting section if you need to brush up on the fundamentals of sports betting before jumping in.

Sports Betting Guides.

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