How To Set Time On Timex Sports Watch

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How to Set a Timex Ironman: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

How to Change the Temperature on a Suunto By Susanne Koenig With its easy-to-read face and back-lit pale blue-green illumination, the Timex Indiglo is easy to set, whether you are using a traditional watch with hands or a more modern digital timepiece. Setting the Traditional Clock Face With your index finger and thumb, carefully pull out the winding knob located on the right side of the watch.

Timex Sports Watch Instructions

You will hear a click. Turn the knob slowly toward you and rotate the hands clockwise until the hour and the minute hands match the current time.

Then pull the knob a bit further out until you hear another click. This will set the calendar feature of your watch.

  • Most of these watches are designed with locking settings with an option to set multiple alarms throughout the day, for people who forget appointments.
  • Published: 08 July, The Timex Sports watch gets its name from the 1, minutes in one day.
  • I've had two or three of these over a course of 5 years, the first one worked for 3 years without failing. As others mentioned, the large display is quite handy.
  • Instructions for a G-Shock Waveceptor The timex indiglo sports watch got its name for its Indiglo night light that allows the wearer to easily read the watch in darkness and for the 1, minutes in a day.
  • Keep track of your stats while jogging down the road, lifting at the gym and wherever else your workouts take you with a high-quality athletic watch. An essential piece of fitness gear for individuals who are training for a marathon or just looking to get fit, men's and women's athletic watches track time, distance, laps and more, and they're available with either analog or digital faces to suit your preference, as well as alarm functions, time-zone features and a host of other settings.
  • WiredLight and easy-to-use.

Carefully turning the knob toward you, set the calendar. Then you may safely push the knob back toward the watch until it clicks back into place. With its easy-to-read face and back-lit pale blue-green illumination, the Timex Indiglo is easy to set, whether you are using a traditional watch with hands or a more modern digital timepiece.

Press this button to access the programming mode. Press the button on the lower left side.

How do I Change the Time on a Timex Indiglo?

This should make the first digit flash. Using the button on the upper right-hand corner, navigate to the right number for the hour.

To move to the next digit, press the lower left-hand button and repeat. Press the lower left button when you are done to exit the programming mode. Care and Maintenance To clean the face of your Indiglo watch quickly and efficiently, use a small drop of hand sanitizer and wipe until dry with a cloth.

  • These watches are well built to suit the type of sporting activity. Running watches are almost similar to smartwatches.
  • John Biggs 13 years Timex has long been the butt of countless jokes.
  • Ingersoll Watch Company[ edit ] Ingersoll Watch Company The company originally produced clocks as less expensive alternatives to the high-end European counterparts of the time. Barnum elephant.
  • Although it has an all-black appearance, its LED light feature with afterglow will make sure it is not a problem.
  • Heather is a published novelist with six Amazon bestsellers and a contract through Crescent Moon Press. View Full Profile If you have a sports watch, you will find different operation instructions than dress watches.
  • If your watch were a head, this would be its hat.

Unless specified as waterproof or water resistant, keep your Indiglo dry. If it does become submerged, remove the back of the watch, drain it and dry with a hair dryer.

How to set the time on timex indiglo watch

Replace the battery regularly.

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