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Read More May 13 ahsaa football rankings week 9 May 28, Enrollment Rule A student must be enrolled within the first 20 days of a semester as a holtville vs orange glen football stream live student in the school system where the student will participate. The 20day requirement may be waived under extenuating circumstances. Note: A regular student is one who is enrolled at the school and is taking six new subjects of work. Home Football Alabama high school football rankings Week 9.

Includes buildings and gardens constructed for the Exposition in Balboa Park. Images have captions. Other images include California scenes of forests, farms, a baseball team and San Francisco.

PA 4 Family Photograph Album, This album consists of several family vacation images including some of the Hotel Del Coronado and Balboa Park.

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Also includes images of San Francisco, sports fishing with a huge fish strung up on a rack, and other images. This album consists mostly of images of John Mason and the E.

Scripps house in Miramar. Photographs of Larry Booth, Jane Booth, and others. Charles Marks Family Photograph Album, Includes photographs, some captioned, of families and beach outings. PA 9 Family Photograph Album, ca.

This album contains images of a back country horse trek and a National Guard encampment at Fort Rosecrans. People include Austin B. Humorous captions.

Photographs of faculty and students divided by grades of Lincoln School in San Diego. Photos by H. PA 12 A. Photographs of 21 Missions in California and the Serra Museum.

PA 14 W. Slass Photograph Album, This album consists of many well-dressed Victorian women frolicking at the beach, in the desert, in the mountains, in front of a large boulder and at the Hotel Del Coronado. Also includes men with hunting dogs, Point Loma Lighthouse, family dancing around Christmas tree, a classroom of young children, two women on a teeter-totter and two women on a double rocking chair contraption.

PA 16 Unidentified Photograph Album, n. Six images of people, Torrey Pines, and the San Gabriel mission. Souvenir album of images of the Exposition in Balboa Park.

Images of buildings and concerts mostly at night. The album contains albumen, tintype, and cyanotype prints of Coronado Tent City and Boat House, the Mission Cliffs Pavilion, woman on a bicycle, troops marching past San Diego Public Market, beach scenes and other family images.

PA 19 Family Photograph Album, This album contains activities at a girls summer camp in the back country clowning around , family scenes, beach scenes, the Serra cross, flood, and other images. Related ed to Photograph Album PA 20 Family Photograph Album, This album contains several family images including Straw Hat Day parade with a large hat float , swimming, Coronado Boat House, trains, kids on a motorcycle, and women in the dress of the day.

Bowers, and others. Included are aerials of North Island, seaplanes, small flying boat, training sea planes and the inspectors.

PA 24 Charles F. PA 25 Thurston? Family Photograph Album Memory Book , Photograph album apparently of the C. Thurston family. PA 26 Family Photograph Album, Included are women dressed as men, and clowns.

Also a slide in the ocean, automobiles, and many people in the desert. Photographs of the exterior of the house and gardens of the Estudillo house apparently after the reconstruction. This album contains class photographs of the students at the B Street School. Also included are images of sports teams, crowd at sporting event, classroom work, flag drill on field, and other subjects.

Ranking 10, Boys By Average XC Finish

This album contains class photographs of Lincoln school students all grades teens to toddlers. Also includes images of teachers, wood shop and one of a small amusement park ride.

Photographs include several grades of students by class and some faculty images. This published album contains 28 images of missions throughout California with short text. This album consists of family photographs of the W. Mostly the photographs show a young boy growing up in the s and s.

Includes photographs and news clippings describing the trip. PA 35 California Photograph Album, ca.


This album documents San Diego, the back country and other areas of California. This album contains many photographs of the San Diego area. Well captioned photographs of the Exposition in Balboa Park.

Photographs by Braden. PA 39 L. Winn Photograph Album, ca This album contains many images of Northern California mining towns and mining processes.

Charleston, and other views. PA 40 Family Photograph Album, ca. Scenic photographs of California wilderness and water. PA 41 Family Photograph Album, ca. This album includes images of La Jolla and other areas. Some names of students and teachers are included. PA 43 Family Photograph Album, ca.

The Pipeline: February

This album contains family photographs of picnics, camping, residences, and other subjects in Michigan, San Diego, the back country and elsewhere in California. PA 45 Grace Hayman? Family Photograph Album, ca. Family photographs of activities, the Hotel Del Coronado, Tent City beach patrol, San Francisco earthquake, vintage automobiles Buick and many images of the back country.

PA 46 Family Photograph Album, ca.

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