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Field Goal Kicking Tips Field Goal Kicking Tips Field goal kicking tips seem to litter the web these days, especially on YouTube, where instructional style footballs field goal kicking games online are all over the board! Just search for anything field goal kicking related and you will probably find yet another version of someone demonstrating a kicking tip of some sort. Most every kicker or punter that contacts me for private kicking lessons has seen these video variations on YouTube already.

Flick Kick Field Goal

Watching Patriots-Browns Especially field goal kickers, since so many games, get decided by whether or not the least-athletic guy on the team can successfully boot the ball between a set of posts that are 18 feet and 6 inches apart.

Allow me to expand more on why the kicking game is so vital in football and why you should be paying more attention to kickers than you probably are when handicapping both the professional and college gridiron.

Here are three key things about field goal kickers that go unappreciated or even unnoticed by a lot of football bettors and fans.

59 Yard Field Goal in Texas HS Football Game

In the NFL season, kickers accounted for the top 14 scorers and 21 of the top The previous year, 27 of the top 30 scorers were also kickers. And in , field goal kickers accounted for the top 26 point-getters in the NFL. But kickers still accounted for 7 of the top 12 scorers in NCAA football in , and 27 of the top Instead, they pass up the chance at scoring points and are content to simply take a delay-of-game penalty, back up 5 yards, and send out the punter to try to pin the opposition deep.

Coaches can actually try to score points in this situation, as they are not as worried about the potential of giving the opponent excellent field position if the field goal is missed.

It also creates the opportunity for a fake field goal, since the defense is expecting a kick and might even be selling out to block a low-trajectory boot.

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The opposing defense will have to play a lot tighter, knowing that just allowing you to cross their yard line puts them in jeopardy of getting scored on, and that may open up big-play opportunities down the field that can lead to touchdowns instead.

In the NFL, scoring a touchdown on the first possession of overtime automatically gives you the win, so teams will play for the major in that situation. But if the first possession results in a punt or turnover, a field goal will win the game, giving teams with elite kickers a significant edge.

Not convinced that field goal percentage matters?

Why the Field Goal Kicker in Football Should be Important to Gamblers

Meanwhile, 4 of the top 5 teams in the NFL in field goal percentage made the playoffs, led by the Panthers 4 wins by 3 points or less and Steelers 5 wins by 3 points or less.

Sometimes you just need to look at the eyes of the kicker to get a sense of how likely he is to make his next attempt or at least try to imagine his mindset.

The lines at each end of the field are termed End Lines.

They say football is a team game, but being a kicker can be a pretty lonely and isolated feeling. Everyone leaves the kicker alone on the sidelines, not wanting to interrupt their focus, and all eyes are on the kicker when he goes out onto the field to attempt his kick.

Just look at how missing a big field goal in the Super Bowl messed up Ray Finkle. Seriously, though, all that pressure can make even the best kickers unravel.

However, live betting will give you some great opportunities to cash in on the kicking game. And if a team marches out a kicker for an attempt at a game-winning field goal, you can catch some nice plus-money odds if you can accurately predict that kicker will miss and bet against his team.

Watch the kickers on the sidelines as much as you can.

Field Goal Kicks

Analyze their demeanors. Look back at their history of success or failure in clutch situations. But sign me up for any chance to live bet against Nick Folk making a big kick or anyone wearing a Tampa Bay Buccaneers jersey, for that matter.

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