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In terms of winning seats in Congress, the center may not be the way to go. Instead, I see it as a emmaus high school football live philosophical guideline for how one should go about evaluating policy. Above all, centrism entails the encouragement of healthy political debate without one side immediately assaulting the moral integrity of the other.

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The Emmaus Hornets

But Bob and Joanne enjoy life in Eastern Pennsylvania; it has been home for them for thirty-five years. The Bottorf's have one daughter, Sally Ann. Bob claims he was always an adventurer, and a natural in sports, from the very beginning.

Bob attended Bishop Street Elementary School -- grades one through six. He entered Bellefonte Jr.

Emmaus Football Team

Bob enjoyed attending school, and, he said he liked all of his teachers. He best remembers sitting in classes taught by Mrs. Fortunato -- 'she always looked great sitting on her desk,'" Bike said.

His favorite academic subject was history, and he listed his favorite non-curricular activities as: Gym club, Jr. Legion Band, and especially, athletics.

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He dropped out, however, at the end of his first term and enlisted in the Marine Corps Bill to pay for my schooling," Bob said, "And fortunately, the Korean conflict ended before I was shipped over seas. And for thirty-five years he held that assignment: teaching social studies classes at Emmaus High School -- in the East Penn School District.

The Teacher Bottorf's remarkable record as a X-Country coach stands at His teams were district champions in, , , and , and league champs from ; bench marks for coaching excellence.

Bob is also involved with the American Legion.

His wife, who works part-time at the Emmaus Library, also helps out with A. In their spare time they still enjoy skiing, swimming and running; and being spectators at sporting events in general.

Emmaus High School Boys Varsity Football Fall Schedule

They also enjoy traveling throughout the United States -- looking up old friends. East Penn Press.

Then he accidentally collides with a teammate, and

Retirement Day Through the years Bob hasn't missed many of our class's reunion activities.

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