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Tuesday, December 3, 2019 9:46:41 AM

We speak to the dos a lot of people watch motorsports to find out how you can get started. What you say depends on your audience.

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Night Lights is coming to the Utah Motorsports Campus on Sep 21, !

Also handy on the race sim Can't play tennis. I hope you find this useful.

Become A True Crime Daily Insider I cover the theme park industry and the business of Formula One. In a bid to boost its revenue Liberty launched the streaming service which is known in the trade as Over The Top OTT because it cuts out the traditional networks.

The first thing to recognize is that becoming a Professional Racing Driver takes a lot of time and A LOT of money… and of course a decent dose of talent.

Professional racing drivers are on a similar level, aka brilliant.

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What I did have in my favour was a decent karting career in my late teens to early twenties… and a total obsession since I was 3 years old. So to become a racing driver, fundamentally you need to tick these items: Unbelievable dedication Money, a lot of it Unbelievable Dedication This is the number 1 requirement to becoming a professional sportsman.

Dedication is not just being able to exercise everyday or watch what you eat. There are many other elements that will get in your way. These include raising a ton of money, sacrificing certain luxuries and materialistic items, dealing with friends and family questioning your life choices and of course the challenge of learning to be a fast racing driver.

Standard questions I ask young kids who want to follow in my footsteps: Are you willing to sell your Playstation to become a racing driver?


Are you willing to sell your car, couch, tv, watch, shoes etc to become a racing driver? I know I ticked all those boxes, as painful as they were. I am not talking about being able to drive your road car fast, a billion people can do that.

I am talking about being able to drive fast while being precise, never missing apexes, doing the same lap times over and over, dealing with the pressure of racing and the disappointments of being beaten. So what, so does everyone in Pro motorsport. Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton, Senna, Mansell — you name them — they all had to find ways to fund their junior careers.

Luckily to find out is not so difficult. To get started in Karting is really easy. Simply use Google to search for your local kart track and then find out the best karting teams and karting shops nearby. Give them a call and ask them if you can buy a pre-owned kart and engine.

Get Inspired: How to get into motorsport

Do some practice and then sign up for a season of racing. But this is where most people get it wrong.

How to Become a Racing Driver

Having talent is table stakes. You will spend at least 2 — 5 years, after karting, trying to prove yourself in the dog-eat-dog world of big circuit Professional Motorsport.

I Watch Too Much Racing

How do you raise money? Well this is not an easy answer. Some drivers are lucky enough to have friends or family who fund their entire careers and good for them.

How To Watch Motorsports In Person And Enjoy It, As You Should

But most of us have to get creative. I learned how to market and sell by watching people like Gary Vaynerchuk and reading books about marketing and business. The following year I found a personal sponsor who covered half of my budget and I came up with the rest by using social media and my personal income.

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The rest is history. The truth is that there is no easy answer to how you raise money, which is why Unbelievable Dedication is the number 1 requirement. This is par-for-the-course and you need a thick skin to fight through those moments.

How Many People Really Watch Formula One Online?

My mistake was only realising this after my karting career had failed. But if you can make fund-raising your main practical focus then the rest will fall into place. I took it one step at a time and when a door opened I figured out a way to walk through it. But focus on the first step, buy a kart, do some local races, see if you have what it takes and then go to the next level.

Good luck and believe in yourself.

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