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Since joining Jim Nantz in the broadcast booth for CBS following his retirement from the NFL following the season, Romo has been impeccable as a cb sports broadcasters nfl analyst and has shown a rare talent for forecasting what will happen on the football field. So how does Romo, who will be answering calls on Corona Extra Gameday Hotline again this season, do it? That was at its core.

CBS Sports Announces NFL ON CBS Broadcast Teams

The NFL and some of the media companies that broadcast some of its most-watched matches have considered the idea of shaking up the Sunday-afternoon packages that regularly air on CBS and Fox, according to two people familiar with the matter. The talks are extremely preliminary, one of these people cautions, and may not come to fruition.

List of NFL on CBS commentator pairings

The current rights holders are certain to bid for more football, but so too are new-tech outlets that may see a chance to use the popular sport to win fans to streaming services.

Formal talks about football rights have yet to commence, but at least one company appears to be chomping at the bit to secure a new deal. And yet, the TV networks would be hard pressed to make a go of it without the games.

NFL Regular Season Week 4 TV and Announcer Schedule

The networks also use the games to promote their programs — getting word of coming shows out to millions of viewers in one fell swoop. Rights fees are expected to go up, because football continues to attract outsize audiences at a time when more couch potatoes are prone to toggle over to tablets, phones and connected-TV services for their video fix.

  • This is a singleheader week with all regional broadcasts for CBS, which in past years on some opening weekends has resulted in limited choices.
  • When I went to high school in the early s, I didn't want to be a football player.
  • Crews for the league's other network homes remain steady By David J. He eschews conventional training scripts that are taught in broadcast schools.
  • Here is our ranking of the 17 broadcast duos and trios you'll see and hear across all five networks, plus a bonus crew from Amazon Prime.
  • Email YouTube We may not always like them, but sports commentators and analysts determine how we see sports. They're the voices we hear as things unfold.
  • Depending on the medium — TV or radio — announcers will use different techniques to describe the action. TV broadcasts require less description of the action because the pictures tell much of the story.

Ratings for regular-season games declined in both the and seasons as the league contended with the absence of some popular players as well as pre-game protests by select athletes. Shaking up the Sunday-afternoon packages might serve as a sweetener.

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