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Buy this callaway golfit hr band gps sport watch watch. The improvements that Garmin has made to this golf watch over its impressive Garmin S6 justify the increased cost. No other golf watch on the market features this much technology.

Revolution Golf TV Commercial, 'Callaway GolFIT Sport Band'

Callaway GOLFIT Golf & Fitness GPS Band Bundle

If you find the sweet spot, you can snap the watch firmly into place, but it takes some practice. No wall charger is provided, so unless you already have one, the only way to charge the Callaway GPSync is by plugging the USB cable into your computer. This is not unique to the GPSync — it is the case with almost every watch we test The Callaway GPSync comes with the entire course library pre-loaded on the device.

That is decidedly suboptimal for those of us who are Mac users. The GPSync mobile app is available as a free download, and enables you to pair the watch via Bluetooth to your mobile device. The pairing process was pretty simple, and once paired, the watch and the mobile app will share completed scorecards and you will receive notifications of incoming text messages the watch will display the entire message, not just the name of the sender , telephone calls and calendar invitations.

The screen is a square about. The Callaway GPSync weighed in at a surprising 2. The watch body is black and the accompanying rubber band is black as well. Callaway claims hours of battery life while using GPS.

Review of Callaway GPSync Golf GPS Watch

The manual itself says 9 hours, which is not far from the 8 hours and 45 minutes that our device provided before its battery died on the 15th hole of the second testing round.

All that is presented is an icon identifying the type of hazard bunkers, water and doglegs and then two numbers indicating the distances to reach and carry the hazard.

Hole View — shows the hole number, the par for the hole, the distance to the front, middle and back of the green, a battery meter, and the time. Hazard View — displays up to 3 hazards on the screen at once if there are more plotted for that particular hole, you can scroll down.

Callaway Golfit Sport Band On the course, get accurate distances to the Front, Center, and Back of the green and a digital scorecard to track your score. Away from the course, our fitness component tracks your heart rate, steps and sleeping pattern to help you live a healthier life!

An icon is displayed identifying the type of hazard, as well as the distances to reach and carry the hazard in the case of doglegs, the distances are to the front and back of the dogleg. Once you have walked past a hazard, the GPSync will no longer display the distances for that hazard.

Callaway GolFIT GPS Band

The Hazard View also shows the time, hole number and the par for the hole Scoring View — enables you to enter your score, number of putts and whether you hit the green in regulation.

Shot Measurement View — displays the distance of your shot if you have activated shot measuring. : GolFIT GPS Band : Sports & Outdoors

While tracking the shot distance, you can toggle to other views and the watch will continue to measure that shot. Hole handicap information is not available on the Callaway GPSync. The Callaway GPSync will automatically advance to the next hole during play.

There is no way to disable the auto-advance feature. You can track your own score throughout the round, but not for any of your playing partners. The latter was an odd choice in our view — why not let users enter whether they hit the fairway or not? A calculated GIR can sometimes be wrong you could hit the green in regulation, putt it off the green, and then chip back on and two-putt, and the device would think you had not hit the green based on the number of putts , but it seems better than excluding fairway data entirely.

Scoring and Statistics Evaluation. You can save your rounds to the GPSync, but cannot view previous scorecards and statistics on the watch itself — you must sync the device to the GPSync mobile app.

The scorecards including the saved statistics are then viewable on the mobile app. There is no aggregation of the data for you to view patterns over multiple rounds — you can only see what you did in a given round.

You can delete old scorecards from the mobile app. Shot Tracking. You can measure shot distances on the Callaway GPSync.

Oddly enough, it does so in yards, rather than miles. Watch Features. You can select whether you want the watch to display time digitally or with a representation of an analog face.

Remember the big hand and the little hand? There is also an alarm function that enables you to set up to three different alarm times on the watch.

The Callaway GPSync enables you to adjust: whether the time is determined manually or automatically via GPS; the format in which the date is displayed; the format in which the time is displayed 12 or 24 hour ; the unit of measurement yards or meters the language for the device English, German, French or Spanish ; how long the backlight remains on; whether the watch emits sounds; whether the time reflects Daylight Savings; and whether the scorecard, shot distance and notification features are on or off.

We did encounter one instance of an outdated course map, as a course that has been re-routed for almost two years had not been updated.

At this price point, it is right at the average among the golf GPS watches in our tests. We would lean toward paying slightly more in order to get a better product.

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