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Creighton baseball wins first BIG EAST Tournament title, earns automatic bid to NCAA Tournament

UConn to the Big East is Official. What Does it Mean for Creighton?

  • The first event on the new channel, www.
  • The softball semifinals May 10 at 1 p.
  • For starters: How Houston football coaches fared in debuts When would the change go into effect?
  • Main article: Big East Conference — The original Big East Conference was founded in , when Providence College basketball coach Dave Gavitt spearheaded an effort to assemble an east coast basketball-centric collegiate athletic conference.
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The story is being framed both around the league and nationally as a basketball story, and with good reason: the Big East is the only power conference in the country where basketball is the primary focus, instead of football. Viewed through that lens, welcoming UConn back is a no-brainer.

And with a game round-robin schedule, those original teams will play each other more often in the modern day Big East than they did in the bloated team version.

The current Big East, comprised of 10 private universities based in big-slash-medium cities, is now joined by a large state university in a college town with nearly 10, more students than the next closest member of the league.

Big Ten baseball tournament Schedule, scores, TV

The Big East shares that last concern — so much so that they wrote their concern into the contract. The biggest takeaway, for me, though? The Big East worries that UConn's FBS football program "could, as it has in the past, create a misalignment of interest with other members.

And according to the Hartford Courant they also included language in the contract that prevents UConn from parking their football program in a Power 5 football conference while competing in the Big East in all other sports.

Most media coverage of UConn returning to the league has focused on the basketball impact, and rightfully so, but their addition to the league will affect Creighton in other sports, too — some good, some bad.

Those are decidedly great things.

Little League Baseball World Series

For other programs around the league, it affects them more directly. It also means the Big East Tournament will follow the bracket model used by the Big Ten during their years as an eleven-team league.

How UConn's return to Big East impacts UH, AAC

One fewer bye, and only the top three seeds get to play a team who won the day before — the 4 and 5 seeds will play each other in the quarterfinals. That win started their NCAA record game winning streak, which extended to the Final Four when they lost on a buzzer-beater to Mississippi State.

Baseball In baseball, the Big East adds a program who has made three of the last four NCAA Tournaments and six of the last ten , including at-large bids in and Under veteran coach Jim Penders, they also advanced to a Super Regional in They led the nation in average attendance last season with 3, fans per game, and will give Morrison Stadium competition for the title of best soccer environment in the league.

Both programs add an elite pedigree to an already solid soccer conference. Volleyball The same can not be said for Volleyball. The Huskies have had two winning seasons since — and went both years.

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Unless their fortunes turn around, the addition of UConn will make it more challenging for elite programs like Creighton and Marquette to build resumes worthy of hosting NCAA Tournament matches.

For CU volleyball, playing 20 Big East matches takes away two scheduling slots they would otherwise use to play top-tier non-conference opponents.

America East Conference

The Pac12 and B1G are the only leagues who play 20, but they make up for it by not holding a conference tournament. It would seem there are two options: keep a double-round robin and eliminate the conference tourney, or stick with an match schedule and keep the conference tourney.

Moving to 20 and keeping the tourney should not be an option.

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