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Wrapping it up and picking a winner! And as much as we love the simplicity of going off-grid for the duration of our sessions, having an awesome waterproof smartwatch can open up a whole new world of possibilities. From tracking your movements, heart rate, and jump height to being able to make a call in case of emergencies, best watches for high impact sports waterproof smartwatches are fast becoming a key piece of kit for many. But the punch line, guys and gals, is that not all smartwatches are made equal: Apart from the obvious factors like cost and aesthetics, there are a few super duper important things to consider when choosing a watch for watersports.

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Much like the well-trained, strong-willed, and hard-bodied men and women who serve their country, tactical watches need to be able to withstand the harshest conditions as well as provide specialized functionality.

The extreme durability of military and tactical watches makes them ideal for a host of outdoor activities. The tactical watches on this list are rugged timepieces with highly specialized features. Their name and logo fits perfectly to their identity and history as a company since they have made military-issue compasses for the Finnish, Swiss, and a host of NATO military units.

The Suunto Core is an all-around outdoor watch with a host of very useful features. This all-black beauty is encased in a tough composite material that features an aluminum bezel.

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The Core has a black digital dial that can display barometer, altimeter, and compass information. To put the cherry on this impressive delicacy, it can even display weather information as well as alert of you coming storms.

Purchase Luminox Recon Point Man The Luminox brand is well-known for their tactical watches with highly luminous markings. Luminox is so confident in their self-powered lighting system that they guarantee that their watches will have a glow of up to 25 years. The dial and bezel feature several sets of markings, each with their own unique functionality.

The bezel has compass and 5-minute markings. The circumference of the dial includes a walk speed scale in miles per hour, and the indexes include both the hour and hour format. It also utilizes an anti-reflective sapphire window for added stealth. Purchase SureFire Luminox Everything about the surefire brand is tactical down to its name.

The brand was founded in and soon started out producing laser sights for handguns and shotguns. Today, their line of products includes tactical flashlights that can be attached to handguns and other firearms, suppressors, headlamps, high-capacity magazine, and, oddly enough, phone cases.

The flashlight incorporates high output LED that emits lumens of high-intensity white light. You can also dial it down to 60 or 15 lumens. The watch is encased in a square casing that also houses the flashlight. It features a round bezel, a black dial, and large luminescent hands and numerals.

In , Marathon Watch became a supplier of watches for the Allied troops. This experience became a powerful driving force for the brand, and today, their watches are produced to military specifications.

This watch is proudly Swiss-made. The watch is designed to be shock resistant as well as 3-bar water resistant. Strap this tough little watch on with its 20mm nylon band.

They produce consumer electronics such as calculators, musical instruments, digital cameras, and watches. In the s, Casio became a giant in the watch industry with their line of affordable electronic watch pieces.

In , they introduced G-Shock to the world. G-Shock is short for Gravitational Shock, a name chosen to show just how tough these G-Shock watches are.

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It features a compass, temperature, and depth sensors as well as solar panels. The case and buttons are designed to protect the watch from impact shocks as well as keep mud and dust out. Its main products are mostly GPS sensors and computers for use in various activities and conditions.

They have systems for cars, planes, boats, and outdoor sports. Recently, they have also adapted their technology into wearable devices.

The Garmin Tactix Bravo Tactical Watch only comes in black and utilizes non-reflective materials for added stealth. The dial is a 1. The display is daytime readable and can be set for night vision compatibility. It has sports as well as tactical features and utilizes an incredible navigational system that plots your movement and is able to direct you back to your starting point through the same path you came.

It also comes with a barometer, compass, and altimeter included. For added connectivity, you can also sync it with a compatible phone and receive emails and texts on the Tactix Bravo.

It comes with a heavy-duty rechargeable battery that lasts anywhere from 20 hours in full GPS mode to about 21 days when only used as a smart watch.

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Starting early in its history, the brand has had a strong connection with the Royal Italian Navy. They provided the frogmen of Italy with officially issued Panerai watches with innovative luminescent hands and indexes for better visibility underwater.

The Panerai Submersible Marina Militare starts this list on the ritzy side. This watch has a 3-day power reserve when not worn. The case and bezel are made out of Carbotech, a light yet very durable carbon fiber composite. Purchase Luminox F Raptor M This next Luminox entry is designed with the fighter pilot in mind.

The F Raptor features a 44mm diameter case made of titanium. The case, back, bezel, and bracelet too are made of titanium. To add to the already formidable protection, the window crystal is made out of an anti-reflective sapphire. The F Raptor features a black dial with luminescent hands and hour indexes and is an awesome tribute piece to the F Raptor.

The sub dials for the chronograph are inspired by the actual instrumentation panels of the fighter jet. The back is also engraved with an image of the F Raptor, and you can see a rudimentary silhouette of a fighter jet at the base of the second hand.

In fact, this very model is issued to the American Marine Corps. It comes with a black dial and Tritium markers for easy visibility underwater. Today, the brand has become successful, realizing the vision of its beginnings — that of timepieces which match shape with function.

Due to this working vision, this luxury French watch brand can be described as making functional time instrumentation rather than simple watches.

Its design features the simple aesthetics of the s. It features a 45mm round steel casing with a glass bead blasted finish. The dial is black and has legible luminous white hands and numeral indexes.

It features both the 5-minute increments as well as the hourly numerals. It comes with a brown calf-skin strap. Having a founder that has first-hand military experience has proved to be the secret sauce for MTM.

Instead of following watch trends, the MTM way of doing business has always been to follow the needs of its consumers — namely, military servicemen who are not unlike the founder himself.

The watch is able to detect Gamma radiation ranges between 0. This is shown in a bar graph or a digital numerical display. The watch is encased in titanium and comes with a fabric strap.

The Tactix Charlie has a 1.

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