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Expand it. Try to find the specific release date day, monthand a screenshot of the game baseball stars emulator online. This image should be fine as it is also a screenshot that I personally took just like the other three pictures. An encyclopedia should give an overview of what the game is about, not specific cheats, what buttons to press for them to work, etc. This is more appropriate at Wikibooks.

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Though he was happy to hear how many people still liked the game, there was no answer from him about the future of a Baseball Stars remake.

Baseball Stars (NES)

No doubt they didn't sell well. Over 20 years later it still has a strong following. I still love firing up my old NES still works somehow and popping in my Baseball Stars cart which also still works and still saves data!

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The only way they have to play it is through an emulator. With the advent of the internet, players want to go online and play against each other. The idea of having a Baseball Stars League where 6 people can make teams and play in a season against each other is very alluring, yet there is no way to do this.

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The problem here is that the formula that made the original game so fun and interesting were gone in the latter NeoGeo titles. Is there any thought being given on perhaps brining the Original Baseball Stars to a Virtual Machine for one of the Nintendo systems?

Is there any consideration to possibly bringing out a revamped version of the original Baseball Stars for the new platforms?

I know there is trepidation for anyone releasing a sports title without a license for the player names and likenesses, but we didn't need that back then. Baseball Stars was a great game with simple but effective controls, customization that was a novel concept then, and just fun to play.

I would love to play a game like that again with enhanced features such as designing my own stadium, creating my uniform colors, editing my team name and players' names, progressing my team through a franchise mode that could perhaps take a lot of features from MLB the Show's franchise mode.


Just in case you doubt the following this game has, I would like to point you to this portion of GameFaqs. Thanks for giving me so many hours of fun, great memories with my cousin whom we played non-stop for days when he visited in the summers , and for making such a great game.

Thank you,.

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