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Featured segments[ edit ] Baseball Tonight is split into a number of segments, each of which focuses on a particular aspect of baseball.

Analysis: a more in-depth look at baseball topics, players, and upcoming games. Best Seat in the House: Airs during live editions of Baseball Tonight before Sunday Night Baseball , John Kruk takes a tour on a ballpark and seeks for what he thinks is the best seat in the ballpark.

  • The great news is that you can find out how to live stream MLB playoffs action here, no matter where in the world you are this week. The first team through to the big one is the Washington Nationals
  • Each live game will be produced by MLB Network specifically for Facebook Watch , with interactive and social elements that enable fans to participate in the broadcast. Facebook is still in the process of experimenting with live sports on the platform — and it says that will continue in with the MLB.
  • In other words, subscribers within a club's Home Television Territory cannot get that clubs's games in this national package. In addition, due to the national exclusivity of both FOX and ESPN, there are no games available for distribution via this package on Saturday day or Sunday night, respectively.
  • Yet, all other games are available for watching baseball online or on a supported device. Day games are available for viewing after dinner, and night games typically open up around midnight.
  • There are no games to display. TV is sold or available are subject to local or national blackouts.
  • Let's run down the essentials.

Chatter Up: This segment is new for the season, in which fans get to submit their thoughts on certain subjects via ESPN. Cutting The Wedge: an in-depth analysis of a play or situation by former manager and studio analyst Eric Wedge Diamond Cuts: Airs on the Sunday edition, a montage of the week's best plays set to music.

Extra Bases: a more in-depth look at a particular game after the highlights have aired.

Baseball Tonight TV Listings, TV Schedule and Episode Guide

Going, Going, Gone: the day's longest home runs. Usually one of the last segments of the day.

Congressional Baseball Game

Virtually every MLB game is shown at least once, more if there are in-progress highlights to report on. Inside Pitch: This segment usually features Buster Olney, or another reporter, giving his insight on the latest news and rumors from around baseball.

Leading Off: usually the first segment of the show, giving the day's most significant baseball news, for example, trades, injury updates and hirings and firings of managers.

The segment is a play on the analyst's name. This is usually the final segment of the show. On The Phone: a live phone interview with an MLB player, coach, or general manager, usually regarding the most recent game played and outlooks on the future of the team.

Out of the Box: This segment is similar to Leading Off, where they preview what is coming up on the show.

Baseball Schedule

Ridiculous Plays of the Week: Usually aired on Fridays, it recaps the five most hilarious plays and moments from the past week. Stat of the Night: an interesting baseball statistic from the day's happenings in MLB. That's Nasty: New in , a segment showing the best pitches, usually with the most movement, of the night.

Usually the longest or biggest scorer like a "Grand Slam. Web Gems: the day's five best defensive plays.

Watch New York Mets MLB live stream

On Sundays, the best defensive plays of the entire week air. Points are given to each player and at the end of the season the player with the most points wins a trophy. Featured the greatest five home runs in the history of a different franchise every day for the duration of the segment; on August 26 the final day of the segment , the Top 10 Home Runs of All-Time were featured.

One featured running gag on the show is the spoof segment "Name That Molina", where one of the personalities has to guess which of the three Molina catcher brothers — Bengie , Jose , or Yadier — is being shown.

Another running gag is the Umpire Fantasy League in which "owners" of umpires in this fictitious league are rewarded for their umpires ejecting players or coaches. It is unclear whether this is reference to the real-life Umpire Ejection Fantasy League. Also another gag in session is when an analyst on the show uses the "Stump the host" slogan.

Watch the MLB playoffs online: A how

This is when the analyst has information on a certain players milestone that has just happened on the telecast. The host very seldom knows the answer but will take a reasonable, and sometimes ludicrous, guess at what the answer might be. This gag is very seldom used but sometimes is quite comical for the fact that the host has no idea what the answer may be.

Live look-ins[ edit ] ESPN is generally prohibited by Major League Baseball from showing live look-ins of in-progress games, and limited to showing in-progress highlights after they happen. However, an exception is made when there is an extraordinary event taking place, such as a no-hitter or perfect game, and ESPN is allowed to show live look-ins during Baseball Tonight.

MLB Network TV Schedule

Other circumstances include an ESPN-scheduled game which suffers a rain delay , or is completely rained out and postponed. Criticism[ edit ] Some have criticized the program because of a perceived bias in favor of certain teams.

It's all about the Red Sox , Yankees , and Mets.

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