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As a well-recognized personality, Bogaerts is a baseball aruba live in Boston, and he will facilitate a great promotional impact by modeling what it means to be Aruban. Bogaerts and his mother, Sandra Brown, formed the foundation in November The foundation focuses on young people of lesser means who dare to dream about their future in baseball.

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The academy is named Baseball Academy. The name Baseball Academy refers to the area code of Aruba. The two owners of the academy have strong ties in baseball and lots of connections.

Xander Bogaerts’s roots in Aruba were humble

Brodie also played in the Future Games which is a team selected of the best players from each state in America. Brodie also played in the Dominican Republic with coaches from Georgetown and Brown University at the time.

He was also selected to represent Ireland but could not attend. Sean knew about the connections of Brodie with the island of Aruba as he traveled to the island a lot during his life and came up with the idea of starting a baseball academy there.

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Sean has more connections in the business area, for example with major companies and brands in the New England states. He landed a deal to bring over 15K in baseball gear to the upcoming August clinic.

He handles the day to day business side of things.

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According to Brodie, the idea started off small but grew very quickly. We started getting calls from baseball companies wanting to sponsor us and coaches and players from across the United States. Each August and December we hold prospect and developmental clinics until our academy will be built in the next 4 years.

Brodie and Sean have set several goals. Their goal for the future of their academy is to have a place where baseball players can come and practice their skill and workout at the same time.

Little League Baseball® Caribbean Regional

They will have a full functioning batting cage area with bullpens. The cages will be able to be pulled back for fielding work as well. There will also be a strength and conditioning weight lifting area with a PT office attached.

April 2, Scouts' Honor Discovered by an adventuresome pair of scouts, Xander Bogaerts is only the fifth player from Aruba to play in the major leagues. Getty Images He rarely has any moments of peace any more on Aruba -- an island that seemingly exists for the sole purpose of relaxation.

This will be accessible to all our members to get treatment if they ever need it. Eventually, there is a plan on hosting teams from all around the world to play in Aruba against teams from Aruba as well.

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For the older age group, we hold showcase style workouts and offer recruiting videos. The goal is for them to give players the exposure they deserve through the connections Brodie and Sean have so they will be seen by college or professional scouts across America and the Caribbean.

Not only do we help them by holding these clinics but we also reach out to schools across America and professional scouts without connections.

Not only do we just hold baseball clinics but we offer merchandise and baseball gear for a good price.

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The academy has a staff of current and former baseball players, Joshua Simon who is going to play at State Fair Community College in Missouri is our strength and conditioning coach. Joshua will complete his PT degree there while playing.

Ryan Huntington is our pitching coordinator.

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