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Cricket backyard baseball 2015 online featuring single-player and multi-player gameplay. An emphasis is on peaceful play.

Pablo Sanchez: The Origin Of A Video Game Legend

Then suddenly you remember that you have that Backyard Baseball machine AKA the computer in the other room.

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However, what may be the most entertaining part of the game were the characters you could choose from when you drafted your team at the start of the season. Pablo Sanchez This is a no-brainer. The Babe Ruth of the game.

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Somehow this sub 4-footinch prodigy routinely hit the ball over feet especially with the aluminum bat , then would berate the opposing pitcher with what I could only assume were Spanish slurs and insults while rounding the bases. Cockiness and skill that would make even Michael Jordan jealous.

A guaranteed first overall pick.

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Keisha Phillips Keisha was truly a physical specimen. The size of an NFL left tackle, but somehow 8 years old, Keisha was usually the second player off the board.

Defying all logic, she was commonly known as the fastest player in the game, regardless of the fact that her upper body was eight times the size of her lower body.

No matter what her appearance may have been, she absolutely dominated the competition on a daily basis. She also was one of the more confusing characters in the game, as she had an African-American accent in Backyard Baseball, while sporting a Spanish accent in other Backyard Sports games.

Subscribe to our Thank you for signing up! Check your inbox for the latest from Odyssey. This is not a valid email, please try again. No doubt about it. Not only was he a nerd, he routinely gave me the creeps. I mean, his nickname was "Petri Dish. Really just a strange kid. It made no sense how he excelled in sports, especially since half the time he was in the field he was holding a pocket calculator in his throwing hand.

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Weird kid, but great ball player. Just an all-around badass.

The type of kid that puts baseball cards in his bicycle wheel spokes. He was also the oldest player on the field and one of the most notorious trash talkers in the league. Really just had it all.

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Not to mention his Jimmy Neutron hair that would make even Johnny Bravo jealous. This kid was always a sleeper No. Kenny Kawaguchi Honestly he should probably be ranked higher, just because of how impressive he was. I mean, the kid was in a wheelchair yet still had to face Randy Johnson throwing Undergrounders every other pitch.

Really just a hero. The only drawback was his sister Vicki, who would wear a pink tutu and dance instead of paying attention to the game. Kenny was the definition of a hustle player, and someone you had to have on your team. I can say with no remorse that I hate Pete Wheeler.

Just an unbridled hate for this make-believe eight-year-old. Not only did he run the bases like he just fell down a flight of stairs, but his voice made you want to punch a hole in the wall. I would actively avoid Pete during the draft, hoping for some reason he would disappear from the available players.

So long, Pete. Honorable mention: Vincent Vinnie the Gooch Now, I know I left some players out, but I chose to only include the most notable players in the game.

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However, I reserved this space for perhaps the most legendary character in the game, announcer Vincent Vinnie the Gooch. Where do I even start with this guy.

First of all, his name was literally Vinnie the Gooch. No last name, no middle name, nothing.

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Just "The Gooch. Wearing sunglasses reserved for only Harry Caray himself, the Gooch would consistently refer to himself in third person and typically would eat a corn dog while announcing the game. Really just a champion of the Backyard Sports franchise and a sorely missed character. Good luck, and play ball!

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