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The Post said Altitude and its former pay-TV distribution partners are still "far apart" in their discussions, which include Altitude's proposal for an increase on rates while distributors want to put Altitude on a sports tier. We've had no direct conversations with them, but we have been looking internally about what the opportunity would be and we do intend to reach out to them. Amazon also has a pact to stream Thursday-night National Football League games. Working with Amazon, rather than going into the OTT, direct-to-consumer business alone, could help Altitude TV clear some of the financial hurdles of developing and launching its own direct-to-consumer subscription service dedicated to the Nuggets and Avalanche, as well as coverage of the Colorado Mammoth National Lacrosse League and the Colorado Rapids Major League Soccer. Last week, the Stanley Kroenke-owned channel that delivers altitude sports sling tv of the NBA's Denver Nuggets and the NHL's Colorado Avalanche in a ten-state area, stated clearly that the economics don't add up, as Altitude TV requires broad distribution to cover its costs and that the price it would be forced to charge under a direct-to-consumer model would be out of reach of many consumers.

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The company is also rolling out a new search interface to make it easier to find what you want to watch. A recent addition includes E!

The service also offers video-on-demand from a handful of the channels it offers, as well as movie rentals. Best of all, Sling TV requires no signup fee, no contract, and you can test it out with a one-week free trial before fully diving in.

How Regional Sports Nets Fit Into Cable’s Lineup

The number of available channels for each package has grown and changed over time and is likely to continue expanding and changing into the future, but our guide is regularly updated as things change.

Listings here are up-to-date as of July Each package can be upgraded with a Sports Extra add-on, but each add-on is different. Add-on packages To bolster your channel list, Sling TV offers several add-on packs, most of which include multiple channels. Below are all of the packages currently available.

While Altitude Sports and big pay TV bicker about money, we sit in sports limbo. But here is the good news.

International add-on packages Sling also offers several international mini-packs. Refer-a-friend discount Sling TV already has competitive pricing models compared to the other live TV streaming services available, but its refer-a-friend program can trim down your bill even more.

Sling TV: Everything You Need to Know

Single stream versus multiple streams Only certain subscription packages allow for multiple simultaneous streams. The other, more expensive subscription plans allow for up to three simultaneous streams. Sports In addition to the above sports channel packages, Sling TV includes a handy feature for tracking upcoming games called Game Finder.

I already proposed that Altitude should do a deal with NHL. Maybe subscribers could have a couple options.

You can access the tool at Sling. Unlike the cloud DVR functionality provided by competitor PlayStation Vue , there is no day time limit, just the storage limit.

NFL Network now won't simulcast Thursday Night Football over Fox

Once you start approaching the limit, Sling TV automatically makes space by deleting the oldest recordings that you have already watched.

Video on demand Sling TV offers a fairly robust selection of movies on demand at launch, with even more promised in the near future. A search feature is also available to make finding out if a specific title is available much easier.

This content is only available to previous subscribers though even using the free trial counts and is currently only available on Roku devices, though the company intends to add support for more devices in the future, and may even open up its free offerings to everyone at some point.

Altitude Sports "exploring" Amazon option to carry Nuggets, Avalanche and Rapids games

User experience Interface We expected it to take some time to learn how to wade through a new layout, so it came as no surprise that Sling TV felt a little awkward at first. But in less than a day, we became accustomed. We tested Sling TV on a inch TV screen, which we expected would expose any shortcomings in video quality … and it did.

With a strong internet connection and good throughput, we felt like we were watching p at best, and the framerate is also prone to speeding up and slowing down depending on stream buffering.

On smaller screens, compression artifacts and poor resolution are much less noticeable.

Roku Denver Channels

Sling is also rolling out a new search interface. Before you even begin typing in your query, the app will present a list of the most popular searches happening now.

Where To Watch: Griz Football

Like Netflix, you will also now be prompted to play the next episode of a show if one exists, as soon as your current episode is over. Loading and buffering A solid, speedy internet connection is recommended for the best Sling TV experience, but not required. Users can choose to stream at low quality 0.

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