All Pro Action Sports Camera With Hd 1080p Waterproof

Friday, August 30, 2019 6:32:19 PM

Mount it on your helmet, attach it to your surfboard, on your bike's handlebar or strap it around your arm to shoot breathtaking videos from a first person view. The sports camera captures p Full HD x all pro action sports camera with hd 1080p waterproof with amazing clarity and thanks to the extra wide degree viewing angle, you'll be able to shoot great cinematic views. Housed in a waterproof case which provides ultimate protection against impacts, it can be taken to depths of up to 30 meters. The provided remote control bracelet is worn around the wrist like a watch and lets you wirelessly start and stop the recording or snap a picture. Even better is the camera's ability to connect to your Android or iOS mobile phone through Wi-Fi and wirelessly stream the camera feed to your phone's screen.

The Best Action Cameras Under $ in (By Each Category)

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The Yi Lite also has 4 photo and 5 video modes — time lapse also possible in 4k , slow motion and photo burst are just a few. You can take photos in resolution up to 16MP,which will allow for some great captures.

The Gorilla will protect your action cam no matter how many times you drop it; it really is a champion when it comes to screen protection.

Latest News & Updates (October 2019) Chinavasion Digital Camcorders and Sports Action Cameras are famous for their ease of use, excellent design, and high speed recording with high FPS rates.

It is, however, very responsive and relatively easy to use. This is pretty average, as 2 hours is the standard battery life of most action cameras. Unfortunately, I was not able to find out the exact size of the battery and that will remain a mystery.

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The battery is removable and if the minute life is not good enough for you, you could always get an additional battery, so you can switch them out. However, out of all the action cameras in this review, Yi Lite is the one that comes closest to the GoPro, when it comes to battery life.

Connectivity This action cam features both 4.

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You can directly access the photos and videos with your smartphone, so you can immediately edit and share them. You can also get a Bluetooth remote control for the Yi, but you have to buy it separately. With the remote, you can control your action cam up to a distance of 10 meters.

Get this $ waterproof HD sports camera for $35 today

Accessories This is the disappointing part about the Yi Lite. It is compatible with all Yi accessories, but none are included in the purchase — not even the waterproof case.

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When you compare that with the Campark I previously talked about, the value of Yi Lite goes down significantly.

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