Basketball Courts

Sports Hall Tabor

Maribor and its inhabitants are proud of this town sports building (with a total of 118 rooms and a joint surface of over 9.500 m2), which offers a sanctuary to sportsmen and sportswomen from Maribor’s clubs for their trainings and competitions; in the mornings it enables also compulsory sports exercise to schools in the area of Tabor. In the hall Dvorana Tabor a range of entertainment and recreation events take place (concerts, dance tournaments, gymnastics, exhibition of small animals…), which attract visitors from near and far. There were concerts of music stars like Ray Charles, James Brown and well known duet 2chellos. In the hall with 3.300 seats their games alredy played national teams of basketball, volleyball, handball and other.

Ice Hall

Sports Hall Lukna

The Sports hall Lukna is a part of sport centrum Ljudski vrt in the centre of the city.  It is the largest floor sports surface in Slovenia, which with its exceptional architecture and location in the centre of the city along with its sports mission also has a special role in the social life of the city of Maribor. The hall is intended for implementing sports education for secondary schools, collective sports (handball, basketball, volleyball and indoor football), individual sports (badminton, table tennis, martial arts and sports rhythmic gymnastics) as well as sports, cultural and entertainment events. The hall stands close to the football stadium Ljudski vrt that alredy hosted UEFA Champions League matches and slovenian national team games. The Hall has 2100 seats, when it goes for important matches also 2.600 seats.

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