avtoFrom Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, to Maribor you need only a good hour driving (road A1/E57), from Graz (Austria) to Maribor only 40 minutes (road A9/E57/E59), from Zagreb (Croatia) to Maribor (road 1/E59) one and a half hour. From hungarian border is about 80 km by motorway and from italian border a two and a half hours drive separates you from Maribor by motorway too. By planning the shortest route from a certain place to Maribor the Slovene Automobile Association’s web site will be of great help to you and will clearly show you the journey with the calculated number of kilometres.


parkingIn the city of Maribor you can park your vehicle in the blue zone, public car parks and multi-storey car parks where you can park for several hours at a time. In the city there are also organised parking spaces. If you wish to avoid the crowds or payment of a car parking fee in the centre of town then we suggest that you park your vehicle on the edge of the city and walk to the centre or decide on taking a bus ride, taxi or bicycle.


Please, don’t forget to buy vignette if you travel on motorways.


vlakYou can travel to Maribor with different international trains. There are direct connections available with Zagreb and Rijeka (both Croatia), Graz and Vienna (both Austria). On some lines it is necessary to change trains in Ljubljana or Zidani Most. Nearby Pragersko, which has good train services with Maribor, also enables fast train connections with Budapest (Hungary) and Venice(Italy). Slovene Railways ( offer a variety of home and international travelling discounts.


 avtobusMaribor is connected to Zagreb (Croatia), Graz (Austria), Belgrade (Serbia), many places in Germany and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Trieste (Italy), Prague and Brno (Czech Republic)  by regular international bus lines. Otherwise Slovene towns are connected by regular bus services to Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Monte Negro, Macedonia,  England, France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden… More information about bus services can be found on the websites and


letaloMaribor’s nearest international airport is 40 km away in Graz (Austria), while Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Zagreb (Croatia) airports are at the distance of aproximately 100 km’s. From all airports you can travel to Maribor by taxi. From Graz Airport you can also travel to Maribor by train. There is also Airport in Maribor, but at the moment there is no regular flight connections, only charter flghts.












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