Gril Ranca


  • All participants booking accommodation through the organizer, have guaranteed bus transport from the hotel to sport halls and official events.
  • All participants booking accommodation through the organizer, have guaranteed payable transport from airport to hotel.
  • Tourist tax is not included in the price and must be paid separately at departure (approximately € 1 per day per person).
  • Reservation of rooms through the organizer of the competition: or phone +386 2 2344 333.

Gril Ranca ***

From 2015 Gril Ranca offers 9 completely new rooms with modern equipment. Enjoy a comfortable accommodation in an excellent location in the vicinity of Pohorje and not far away from the city center. Rooms are located in the building of Gril Ranca, just one kilometer from the funicular and the ski slope Snežni stadion. Close to ski slopes there can be found wellness centers, where you can relax in heated pools and saunas. Also during summer, Pohorje offers you many outdoor activities such as biking, hiking and visits to the adrenaline park. Gril Ranca has a long tradition of preparing delicious grilled meat like “čevapčiči” and “plesakvice” in traditional home made bread called “lepinja” and many others specialties from the grill. Our guests can get breakfast, lunch and dinner – all under the same roof, where the rooms are located.


1/1 = 65 EUR

1/2 = 90 EUR

1/3 = 126 EUR

1/4 = 152 EUR