Andrej Hlastec

Dear 10th FIMBA Euroepean Championship participants,

tonight at 21.00 at Sport Hall Tabor we will organize 3-points challenge.

Here are the instructions to make registration:

Countries with more than 10 teams – 3 representatives (Slovenia, Germany, Russia, Italy)

Countries with 5 to 9 teams – 2 representatives (Lithuania, Latvia, Greece, Austria/only men, Hungary, Czech Republic, Estonia)

Countries with 1 to 4 teams – 1 representative (Serbia, Croatia, Georgia, Montenegro, Moldova, Spain – those teams only men (Finland, Ukraine those teams only women)


32 representatives

2nd stage: Best 5

Finals stage: Best 2


26 representatives

2nd stage: Best 5

Finals stage: Best 2

Please make registration of participating players until 20.00 on e-mail info@maxibasketballmaribor2018.

Rules of registration:

At first one team/one player until we fullfill nation quota. If there will be place for additional player up to 32 (men) or 26 (women) we will take more players. If by e-mail won’t be enough registratations, we will still take registration in Tabor hall.

Registration is free of charge.


Dear Teams of 10th FIMBA Maxibasketball European Championship,

We are inviting you all to Maribor 2018 Social Party Event that will be organised tomorow (Tuesday, 26th of June) at Maribox complex by the bank of Drava river near Lent. It will start at 19.00.

FIMBA Bus Transport from Hotel Habakuk and other hotels under Pohorje hill will be organised at 18.30.

FIMBA Bus Transport from Maribox back to Hotel Habakuk will be organised at 00.00 (especially for the teams that are going back to hotels on Pohorje Hil, because special last cable car will be organised at 00:30!!!)

Last FIMBA Bus Transport from Maribox to Hotel Habakuk will be organised at 01.00!!!

Please notice that FIMBA buses will drive to hotel Habakuk from main BUS Station (2 minutes walk from Maribox)!!!