June 27, 2018

Dear 10th FIMBA Euroepean Championship participants,

tonight at 21.00 at Sport Hall Tabor we will organize 3-points challenge.

Here are the instructions to make registration:

Countries with more than 10 teams – 3 representatives (Slovenia, Germany, Russia, Italy)

Countries with 5 to 9 teams – 2 representatives (Lithuania, Latvia, Greece, Austria/only men, Hungary, Czech Republic, Estonia)

Countries with 1 to 4 teams – 1 representative (Serbia, Croatia, Georgia, Montenegro, Moldova, Spain – those teams only men (Finland, Ukraine those teams only women)


32 representatives

2nd stage: Best 5

Finals stage: Best 2


26 representatives

2nd stage: Best 5

Finals stage: Best 2

Please make registration of participating players until 20.00 on e-mail info@maxibasketballmaribor2018.

Rules of registration:

At first one team/one player until we fullfill nation quota. If there will be place for additional player up to 32 (men) or 26 (women) we will take more players. If by e-mail won’t be enough registratations, we will still take registration in Tabor hall.

Registration is free of charge.